Lighten your load at Christmas

Christmas should be a positive experience; it should be a time of togetherness and love – but for many, the pressures of having to deal with shopping, presents, wrapping, cooking, visitors and other people’s expectations make it a time to be endured rather than enjoyed. A skilled hypnotherapist can guide you in reducing feelings of stress and anxiety linked to Christmas, helping you to have a positive attitude to Christmas.


On a practical level how can you lighten your load?

First of all, be prepared to make changes:

Christmas cards were traditionally sent with season’s greetings to friends and family far away – not given to someone over coffee. So, if you must send them this year add a note that in future you will be donating to a charity in lieu of Christmas cards; remind everyone in October or November.

Avoid hours of wrapping paper and tape by giving gift vouchers to adults. No awkward shapes to wrap - what a bonus! Or arrange a family outing or gathering – give your presence rather than a shop bought present.

Are you responsible for cooking Christmas dinner for extended family? Send out a todo list to those attending - allocate an aspect of the meal to each family member, whether that is providing pre-prepared veg, making the bread sauce or bringing the crackers – and make it clear that next year it will be someone else’s turn to host.

What if someone doesn’t do their bit? Well it’s unlikely that you will starve…

It’s not too late to make a plan and it’s a very sound idea to delegate as much as possible. Use a Google calendar or a paper version and map all of your commitments such as school concerts, taxi runs to parties etc for the entire month of December and the first week of January. If you can, join forces with other parents to taxi young people to their many social events.

If you can shop online, why not?

Above all it’s important to take time for yourself; use relaxation or self-hypnosis or breathing techniques. Take yourself to a sunny beach or to the top of a mountain as you focus on slowing your breathing and feeling positive. Feel calm and confident this Christmas.

Season’s greetings,

Anne Marie x

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