“I’ve always been a worrier”

Many people feel that worrying is normal behaviour, and only seek help from a hypnotherapist when it moves through to anxiety and they start having panic attacks. People often say 'I have always been a worrier' or 'I was born worrying', but now it is getting out of control.


We can worry about things that have already happened, or things in the future (either the near future, like later today or the far future in many years). Most worriers cover all these timespans.

I don't believe we are born worriers. I believe it is a learned behaviour that we pick up from observing family members or other influential adults worrying or suffering from anxiety. In the normal scheme of things, babies don’t worry about where the next meal is coming from and who is paying the mortgage - they are getting on with play and learning and only think about food when hunger signals hit their brains.

Worry and anxiety about events that have already happened, or may not ever happen in the future, use up a lot of energy without actually achieving anything. And, because this puts our bodies into a near-constant state of being ready to deal with perceived dangers, we feel tired, exhausted, we might experience digestive problems or aches and pains, and eventually, we might experience full panic.

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Can hypnotherapy help you to stop worrying and become less anxious? 

Yes. You can learn relaxation techniques, new ways of thinking and behaving and 'break the habit' of worrying. If appropriate, you can also deal with any emotional issues or past events that are contributing to the problem.

There are also some things you can try out today to start to help you enjoy life more in the now.

  • Consider if the thing you are worried about can be dealt with now. If it is 4 am and you are worried about a phone call you may have to make in three days, then there isn't anything you can do about it right now. In these cases, 'park' the worry until there is something you can do. You can do this mentally, or better still, write it in a notebook, diary or to-do list at the time when you need to come back to it. Then, permit yourself to forget it.

  • If it can be dealt with right now - take action. Much better to use your energy to achieve something.

  • Draw out your circle of influence and control. We often spend time worrying about things that are completely outside of our control like the weather or a train strike. There are some things we can influence, but not many; and ultimately, the only thing we can control is ourselves.

If you are still struggling then a hypnotherapist can help you to implement these new behaviours and thought patterns.

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