Is online RTT hypnotherapy as effective as in-person sessions?

In recent years, more and more people have been turning to hypnotherapy and RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) hypnotherapy to help them with various issues. But is it just as effective when done online as when done in person? Let’s look at the benefits of both options and how you can ensure you are getting the best hypnotherapist for your needs, regardless of where they are located.


The benefits of in-person sessions

During the pandemic, it became widespread for many of us to work online. For therapists, it was essential to work online to help people in those challenging times. So many therapists and their clients became very used to this way of working. In fact, for many, it became the norm. Many RTT hypnotherapists found they could achieve the same great results online as in person.

So now those times are behind us. What is the correct answer now?

Some clients feel more comfortable in person. This is often the case for older clients who feel uncomfortable with technology. In-person sessions are beneficial for those who prefer the traditional approach to therapy.

Additionally, if your hypnotherapist uses any tactile exercises, that needs to be in person, as you obviously cannot replicate the sense of touch online. However, I have seen that because of the pandemic and broader concerns about safeguarding, fewer hypnotherapists feel comfortable using tactile techniques in person than before.

The therapist's preferences must be considered as well as the client's preferences. Some hypnotherapists prefer working in person; some prefer working online. I enjoy doing a little of both. Even before the pandemic, I did half of my work online. Now I do more than 90% of my work online. I can get as good results online, and in many ways, it is better for all involved to work online than in person.

Working online has made it possible for people across the globe to access my services and benefit from getting the right speciality for them. Google and directories such as Hypnotherapy Directory can help people find the right person regardless of location. Tools such as Zoom allow us to have powerful sessions irrespective of where we are. This, to me, is a massive advance in the possibilities and power of hypnotherapy.

For me, the only time it is necessary to work in person is when the client does not feel comfortable or safe in their home environment. This way, they can feel relaxed, have many benefits, and get the most from the session. If their home environment is part of the issue, getting them out of that place for the session is better.

The benefits of online sessions

On the other hand, online sessions can’t be replicated in in-person sessions. For example, an online session gives you access to qualified therapists from all over the world—not just those near you. If you are looking for a specialist for a particular issue, you won’t have to settle for someone “good enough”. Instead, you can get the absolute best therapist available regardless of their geographic location.

Additionally, online sessions offer greater convenience since there is no need to travel or rearrange your schedule around an appointment time.  For many people, time is incredibly precious and travelling for a therapy appointment can take a massive chunk out of their day.

The final point is one of comfort. Many people looking for RTT and hypnotherapy have a level of anxiety. Travelling, going to a new place, and being in a room alone with a Therapist can add to this anxiety. With online sessions using Zoom, Teams, Google Meet etc., clients can get the help they need from the comfort of their own homes. They can be sat on their sofa or even lie on their bed to get the therapy they need.

From my experience, working online using Zoom or the like is highly effective. While Zoom meetings for many people are less effective than in-person team meetings, one-to-one panels on Zoom are very personal and practical. In one session over a video call, I can see and hear all that I need to see and don’t need to have someone in the room with me. Other therapists may feel differently, especially if they are of a more traditional way of thinking or working. It is about what works and is best for that individual client.

What kind of RTT is right for me: Online or in-person?

Do you want to work with the best or the most local person for you? When deciding between online and in-person RTT gypnotherapy sessions, weighing both options carefully and determining which best suits your need is essential. While there are some advantages to meeting with a therapist in person, there are also some distinct advantages to going online—access to specialists from all over the world and greater convenience due to not having to travel or rearrange your schedule.

Additionally, you may feel much more comfortable in your own home. Since the pandemic, many people think that such online sessions are more comfortable, more convenient and, by being relaxed, they are more likely to respond well to therapy.

It's also essential to get the opinion of your hypnotherapist on what they feel most comfortable with and what they recommend.

By considering both options carefully and researching different therapists before making your decision, you’ll be able to find the right professional for your needs, regardless of whether they work remotely or locally.

If you would like to discuss with me how I could help you and whether our session should be in person or online, book your free 30-minute discovery call with me now using this secure link.

About Jonathan

Jonathan Butler is the Founder of My Fit Mind and Boost Performance Coaching. His mission is to make hypnotherapy the go-to Therapy for people suffering from anxiety-related issues. Hypnotherapy, in all of its forms, is a powerful tool for creating fast changes to how we think, feel and act.

Jonathan is a highly experienced Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT) being, one of the most experienced RTT Therapists globally. He is the Author of the Amazon Best Selling Book “Bye-Bye Anxiety. Your four steps to Greater Confidence, Calmness and Contentment".

Jonathan is also the Founder of BOOST Performance Coaching. A Unique Coaching Program that Combines the power of hypnotherapy with the personal Knowledge of driving exponential growth in some of the world's largest technology companies.

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Written by Jonathan Butler, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Senior RTT Therapist. Fast Results
Thame OX9 & Hythe CT21

Jonathan is a highly experienced Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT) being, one of the most experienced RTT Therapists globally. He is the Author of the Amazon Best Selling Book “Bye-Bye Anxiety. Your four steps to Greater Confidence, Calmness and Contentment"
and the Founder of BOOST Performance Coaching, combining hypnosis with coaching

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