Hypnotherapy for your fears and phobias

What’s the difference between a fear and a phobia?

Fear is the most basic and primitive instinct which we share as a species. It is an emotional response to a threatening situation such as danger, or any stimulus which causes pain. Fear should not be confused with anxiety since anxious feelings usually occur without any external threat. However, fears can become irrationally conditioned to specific stimuli, causing the person to suffer from immense fearful feelings which they perceive to be out of their control, this is a phobic reaction.

Phobias can be categorised into four groups; animals (spiders), environmental (heights), situational (flying) and medical (dentistry). Hypnotherapy can be highly effective and help you to remain calm and in control when confronted with your fear. Not only can hypnotherapy help desensitise these frightful feelings, but it can also help to eradicate the phobia by discovering how and what caused you to feel the way you do.

Many people continue to suffer unnecessarily, it is rational for them to employ avoidance tactics and actively ensure they never come across any situation which could cause a phobic reaction. In fact, agoraphobia sometimes develops as a result of panic disorder, whereby the person purposefully avoids situations in which escape is difficult, to reduce the likelihood of another panic attack. It can be a vicious cycle. Avoiding the dentist because we are frightened is a common one. Interestingly, the individual with an agonising toothache can sometimes think the pain away if it means he or she can avoid going to the dentist, although I would not advise it on a regular basis!

If you have a phobia which you are actively trying to avoid in your everyday life, do not continue to suffer in silence! Hypnotherapy uses an array of powerful hypnotic techniques which can help you. No longer do you have to fear “being afraid of the afraid”.

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