Hypnotherapy for quitting smoking - How it all works

Hypnotherapy works by using hypnosis to activate the part of the mind that controls our habits and behaviours. We can consciously want to stop smoking, yet still find ourselves smoking. The smoking habit which has been learned over time is rooted deep within the subconscious mind.


What is hypnotherapy for smoking?

The conscious mind can want to quit, but as the subconscious mind still wants to smoke, a contradiction will be present, leading to the stop-start-stop-start cycle. 

When you’re in a stop-smoking hypnosis session, you are fully in control. Your therapist will guide you to enter a relaxed state of hypnosis. Enabling your mind to become open and receptive to new ideas and suggestions. Encouraging more sensible, balanced, and helpful attitudes to reality. 

The hypnotherapist will connect with you on an emotional level so that you can truly understand why you believe you are wanting to smoke. And how you can make better choices in the future, to stop smoking for good.

 What happens during a quit-smoking hypnotherapy session?

The session will usually be an extended session and last around two hours, consisting of two parts.  You will become a non-smoker by the end. 

A case history will be taken, and your reasons for smoking, and motivation to stop will be discussed. Most providers will also look at some of your beliefs connected to/around smoking combining some Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) behavioural techniques.

For the second part, you will be guided to enter a relaxing state of hypnosis. Enabling your subconscious mind to be addressed, to take onboard new positive suggestions - connecting with your emotions, so you can make better decisions and take on these new learnings deep within the subconscious, to change your mindset and adopt your new set of behaviours as a non-smoker.

Why choose a hypnotherapy provider?

Having made the decision to stop smoking, you will be looking for a rapid, effective solution. Steve Hypnotherapy,  can help you stop smoking in a single session, combining powerful Hypnosis techniques alongside behavioural NLP. 

Hypnotherapy is a tried and tested solution that many have found has helped them to break their harmful and costly smoking habit for good.

How effective is hypnotherapy for quitting smoking?

There have been many studies completed on the topic of how effective hypnotherapy is in helping people to quit smoking. The most recent meta-analysis studied the results of 20 different randomised control trial studies and found that nicotine dependence or abuse was reduced by 43.8% in participants who received hypnotherapy as compared to those who did not. 

Cigarette smoking also decreased by 31.9% among participants who received hypnotherapy as compared to those who did not. The participants who received hypnotherapy were 2.9 times more likely to remain abstinent at one year compared to those who did not. Hypnosis proved to be over three times as effective as nicotine replacements, and 15 times more effective than willpower alone.

The researchers concluded that hypnotherapy “is an effective approach for treating nicotine dependence and smoking.”

Other ways to help you quit smoking

While there are many options for quitting smoking, nothing comes close to the effectiveness of hypnotherapy as an all-in-one treatment for kicking the habit for good.

Nicotine replacement therapies: These include patches, gum, and inhalers that claim to help you give up smoking. But unfortunately, they do not address the nicotine addiction, and leave you with having to struggle to get over the nicotine addiction long after you have stopped smoking, which makes it easier for you to relapse.

All these aids require willpower and conscious effort to be effective in stopping the habit and they don’t address the psychological need. Also as discussed above habits and addictions are controlled by your subconscious mind, causing the stop-start cycle.

Benefits of quitting smoking

The health benefits of stopping smoking happen quickly and speak for themselves! Let alone the financial benefits, with the average smoker saving in excess of £5,000+ per year.

  • Improve your physical and mental health with less anxiety.
  • More time and energy to do the things you love, with the people who matter.
  • Live longer – being a non-smoker can add as much as 10 years to your life.
  • Improved appearance of skin, fingers, and nails.
  • Improve your fitness, as you are able to breathe better (lung function can improve by 30 – 40%).
  • Lower your risk of ill health as you get older due to heart disease, cancer, or stroke.
  • After one year risk of a heart attack will have halved compared to a smoker.

Next steps

So as you can see, quitting smoking with hypnotherapy is one of the most effective methods for kicking the habit of smoking, and it can help you to do so whether you’re trying to quit smoking for the first time or trying to break the habit for good, all in one easy session.

It is a method that is both risk-free and efficient, and it can assist you in making the adjustment to a new way of life that is more beneficial to your health, as well as your financial well-being, saving in excess of £5K per year for the average smoker.

It starts with you! So when you are ready to quit smoking, contact Steve Hypnotherapy or one of my colleagues in the profession, to become a healthier, happier, and smoke-free you.

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Horsham, West Sussex, RH13
Written by Steve Thoreau-Leigh, Clinical Hypnotherapist C.Hyp, D.Hyp, CNLP, HPD (CNHC + GHR)
Horsham, West Sussex, RH13

Steve Thoreau-Leigh is an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist specialising in Quitting Smoking, Stress & Anxiety, Weight Loss, Phobias & Low Self Esteem/Confidence issues. Using a variety of hypnotherapy techniques for lasting change.
Sessions via Zoom and In-Person Appts.

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