How can investigating a past life help us with our current life?

Many people, under hypnosis, can journey back in time to relive parts of one or more of their previous lives. The purpose of accessing a past life for someone is to support healing or understanding in the life they are currently living. Regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, culture, or personal beliefs, past life regression can work for most people.


What happens in a past life regression session?

In the consultation session, the person identifies the issue they wish to work with, to help them with something in their current life. The person compiles their “cast of characters” who are people they consider significant or that they may have shared a previous life with.

During the hypnotherapy session, the person is led into a somnambulistic state (between waking and sleeping) of trance through a guided meditation. Their subconscious mind is invited to take them back to a past life that is relevant to the issue that the person wants to explore. The previous life is used as a lens to examine the issue.  

The person will become aware that they are now in a different body and how that body feels. They may take on the energy of that body; if the body is young and fit this is how they will feel, if old and frail may take on an air of fatigue. The gender and ethnicity of the person may be different from the one they are experiencing in their current life.

Typically, this life is explored in three different significant time periods. The death day and afterlife are then accessed to probe the purpose of the life and identify lessons to be learnt. Sometimes more than one lives are shown because there is something relevant the person needs to understand for the life they are currently living. This may include earlier moments of the person's current life if the subconscious mind considers this relevant to the issue under investigation.

The hypnotherapist uses the person’s “cast of characters” to ask their subconscious mind about potential past lives. Their subconscious will let the person know if they have shared a previous life with a person and what the relationship between them was if they did. 


Information about the past life is shared by the subconscious (if relevant) so that the person can understand more about their present life. This includes karma - the concept of "cause and effect".  

During each lifetime we have a life purpose and choose the people we interact with. If we harm someone in one life, karma says we must repay the harm in the next or subsequent life. 

This can be either to that soul in another incarnation or to someone else, as agreed with the soul. We create karma in our lives all the time in our daily interactions. This may be with those in our family and friendship groups, our work colleagues and anybody we meet in life.


In some cases, a "vow" (e.g. chastity, obedience or poverty made as a priest or nun) may have been made in a previous life. If the vow has not been released in that life, the person in their current life may have difficulties relating to that issue. Sometimes these can manifest in relationship or financial problems. The vow can be released by the subconscious under hypnosis and the person can get on with their life.


The subconscious mind can also explore any physical or emotional health issues the person is experiencing in their current life. These issues may have their origins in a previous life. Sometimes advice is given as to the cause and suggestions on how to remedy the issue.

Lessons learnt 

At the end, the subconscious is invited to offer any other information to help the person in their current life. This can result in some remarkable revelations for the person, unlocking issues that hadn’t reached their conscious mind before in this life.

The session is completed with a review of all that has been revealed. A discussion about what has been learnt for the person for their current life wraps up the session. The client may also receive a transcript and audio recording of the session so they can contemplate what they have learnt.

Two people talking

A case study – Nigel

(Case study information used with permission. Name and some details have been changed to protect anonymity.)

I have been working with a client named Nigel about his fear of abandonment and being alone. He also had a feeling that he had to be responsible for everyone in his life. He presented with anxiety and felt he would never be good enough to manage everything.  

We did some hypnotherapeutic work together which included inner child, stress management, positive thinking, and confidence-building. He reported that the work had significantly enhanced his mood and improved his relationship with his partner and work colleagues. However, he still felt there was some more to do.


During further work, Nigel felt that his worries had their origins in a past life. We decided to use past life regression as the technique to access these. With the help of his subconscious, we were able to access a past life where he was the eldest son in a poor family.

He was the chief breadwinner for a large family of younger siblings in a time period from long ago. In that life, his father had left the family home when he was a teenager and then his mother died when he was a young adult. His life in that time was spent in servitude to his siblings. He had no partner relationship or family of his own, and he died alone in his 50s. 

Connect with people

Nigel’s subconscious told him there were lessons he needed to learn from that past life. He was told not to push people away, not to take the full load, and to connect more with people. He was reminded that no one can be fully responsible for the lives of others and that he was entitled to a life of his own while supporting others.

Nigel was told he was shown that particular past life so he could feel what being alone and being responsible really was. Although he felt he had been abandoned when he was young in his current life, he realised he had been shown what it meant to be truly alone and abandoned.

In his current life, this helped Nigel to deeply understand what responsibility and abandonment were about. This has enabled him to appreciate the love and support he has around him. He has said he longer dwells on these issues and his relationship with his partner and family have been transformed. He no longer feels anxious or overwhelmed and feels the experience of visiting his past life has helped him put his current life experiences into a healthier perspective.

Would you like to experience this for yourself?

Past life regression sessions can be arranged to explore any of the issues raised, or to explore different lives, including ones shared with someone known to the person in this life in a different incarnation. This can include exploration of a soul mate or soul group connection.

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Written by Cathy Phillips
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