Past life regression technique

Past life regression is a technique used to take a person back through time using hypnosis. Sometimes we are able to go so far back in time that the memories of previous lifetimes may be rediscovered and explored.


Perhaps some people have described you as an “old soul” and you feel as though you have lived before. Maybe you have visited an area for the first time, and it all seems so familiar. Or you've found yourself in a strange town, yet you can accurately predict what will be around the next corner. You may have met someone for the first time yet feel as if you have known them all your life. You might get feelings or “vibes”, whether good or bad, when you meet someone for the first time.

A specific noise can trigger a 'past life' feeling like, for example, the sound of a steam train or old clock tower bell chiming, or a smell such as honey. Sometimes past life memories can surface all on their own in the form of flashbacks or perhaps an intense daydream. The feelings they experience are like déjà vu.

Do we really have past lives?

There are many theories as to why we might have past lives:

The akashic records

If you have a spiritual background, you may have heard about the concept of Akashic records. The Akashic records are described as a complete universal record of every thought, deed, action, and emotion that has ever occurred, or for that matter, will ever occur. Some suggest that this perfect record, imprinted into a certain vibration of the universal ether, and in part incorporates the ‘collective unconsciousness’ as described by Jung. However, it is believed that the records are generally of an even higher vibration and are responsible for making clairvoyance and other psychic perceptions possible.


This is the concept of being reborn into this world many times and is sometimes called 'the cycle of rebirth' or 'transmigration of the soul'. We reincarnate to experience and evolve. Many religions have this theory as their basis.


We reincarnate to balance out our Karma. The laws of cause and effect – what we do to others, we must have done to ourselves; what we do for others, we have done for us. The more you investigate the understanding of the laws of karma the more complex it appears. It is seldom as simple as ‘an eye for an eye’. We could have karma with individuals, groups of people and places. As always, the universe is probably too complicated for us to comprehend completely.

Genetic memory

This theory presents itself as a more scientific explanation. The memories of our ancestors are said to be imprinted into our genetic structure, the DNA. These genes are passed down from one generation to the next and have some sort of bearing on our thought processes, helping to create our character and behaviour. Using past life regression techniques, we can access this genetic recording and experience those memories.

Therapeutic uses of past life regression

You might think that there is something you are experiencing in this life that you cannot explain (a like or dislike, a fear or phobia or habit, or perhaps a medical condition or memory) and it might help you to revisit a previous life to understand the issue in that context and heal in that lifetime to help you in your current life. 

Hypnotherapy has a good reputation for finding and resolving the cause of fears and phobias, many of which trace back to repressed traumas experienced in an earlier period of the client’s present life. For some people, they don’t think this is true and they believe the root cause is in a past life.

In past life healing, the person experiences and understands the past life traumas and is then taken forward to the death of that particular life and all the healing is done when in the hypnotic state using conventional hypnotherapy and past life therapy. The issues are dealt with as they are encountered with no trauma or stress to the person in this life.

Finding familiar people

“As soon as I met him, something felt so familiar as if I had known him all my life.” Those lucky enough to have found their soul mate in this life may have experienced this sort of feeling. Others may believe that their soul mate may be out there somewhere, if only they can find them.

Some people believe that some souls choose to reincarnate together as a couple, or as a group. Through hypnosis, it may be possible to find out if the person who seems familiar in this life has shared a previous life with you. In a previous life, your brother may have been your partner or even your mother!

Hypnosis can be used to access these past lives safely, for healing or for curiosity. The hypnotherapist will take you on a guided journey of visualisation much like a guided meditation. Most people find they can access several past lives and report they have enjoyed the experience.

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Written by Cathy Phillips
Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S10 2SE

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