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How many articles have you read about anxiety or stress? How many people have you listened to speak about it? And how many people have you spoken to about it? The chances are the answer is: lots of the former, quite a few of the second and virtually none of the latter. Why is it that you’ve hardly spoken to anybody about it? Do you think everyone has problems and you don’t want to add to their worries? Are you worried you’ll be judged?


Perhaps you are feeling helpless by now, but please be reassured help is available for you. A clinical hypnotherapist can often help in many situations. They don’t judge you at all. They are highly trained professional people, people whom you can trust. Their only concern is to help you, not to judge you or your life decisions. They try to help you overcome situations that are causing you concern in one way or another. Worries or past events can triggeranxiety, stress, panic attacks, eating disorders, or even phobias.

Your chosen therapist won’t laugh at you. They understand the subconscious mind and know the simplest thing can trigger the most unlikely responses.

What to expect from clinical hypnotherapy

What happens when you visit a clinical hypnotherapist for the first time?

You'll start by having a consultation to talk about why you need help and when and where your problem first started. Some people aren’t even sure when it started or what triggers it; this is not a problem for an experienced therapist. They will discuss several ways of helping you.

Your session will probably start with a deep relaxation, which gives you a wonderful feeling of calmness. Sometimes it emerges something in the subconscious that is causing your problem/stress and, through relaxation, your therapist can actually talk to your subconscious and correct any misunderstanding memories or thoughts it may hold. "What?!" I hear you scream "Enter my mind and reprogram it?" A therapist can’t 'fiddle' with your brain, cause you to do something against your will. Neither can you slip back into hypnotherapy or slip back at the click of a finger. This is hypnotherapy, not a stage show. It’s perfectly safe.

Can anyone be hypnotised?

Most people can, if I said 'yes', there will always be one person who can’t, but the great majority can.

What if you find it hard to relax?

A clinical hypnotherapist is used to this and knows the best way to help you relax. It could be anything from concentrating on an image to the sound of the therapist’s hypnotic voice.

What does it feel like?

It’s a wonderful experience, you feel as if your mind and body are floating without a care in the world, and all the time you can hear every word the clinical hypnotherapist is saying to you. You can also end the session at any point you feel worried or concerned.

You may need to visit several clinical hypnotherapists in your area before you find one you feel happy to confide in. Rest assured, there will be the right clinical hypnotherapist for you and your issue. For whatever reason you are reading this page, find a local therapist that you feel comfortable with and trust. After all, what do you have to lose? Nothing except your worry/concern.

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Written by Jenny Bawden, GHR, GHSC, FHT, NLP
Newmarket CB8 & Bury St. Edmunds IP28

I'm registered with the GHR and GHRC adhering to their strict guidelines, confidentiality being one of my top priorities (my top one is to help you). I'm trained to work in many areas where clinical hypnotherapy has been shown to help. My specialisation is anxiety, stress and its components, self-esteem, abuse recovery, weight and smoking problems.

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All therapists are verified professionals