Depression is a sheep in wolf's clothing

Depression is a disorder that can strike anyone at any time. Depression’s strength lies in its ability to make you feel that nothing you do will ever bring back a sense of peace and satisfaction in your life. When a relationship ends painfully, you may tell yourself “I will never fall in love again”. When you get laid off from a job you may tell yourself “I will never be able to get another job”. In general when you respond imperfectly to a situation you may say to yourself “I am an idiot”. The main problem with most depressed people is that they think, feel and act out of a depressive perspective that is distorted and hurtful and then make the mistake of actually believing this perspective is true. Having internal dialogue is normal. Believing the negativity though is unnecessary and hurtful.

The treatment for depression is action oriented focusing on “here” and “now” and looking towards the future. Depression is not an illness. It is a clear and valuable sign that something is wrong. It is a call to examine how: expectations, thoughts, feelings, relationships and all the other aspects of experiences that can go wrong. People become absorbed in ways of being (thinking, feeling, doing) that they mistake for real or true. They lose sight of the fact that much of life experience is not clearly this or that, but is instead a product of personal beliefs.

Depression involves an intricate set of projections about yourself, life, the universe, everything. It can be treated effectively and its results can make a difference that will last for a lifetime. Learning to step outside yourself at times to recognise and avoid your vulnerabilities can help change such hurtful situations. Depression is a sheep in wolf’s clothing. Good cognitive therapy, hypnotherapy and NLP with can work reliably and quickly against it.

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