Anxiety is a liar and must be played!

'Playing' with anxiety seems a weird play on words, doesn't it? This article explores an alternative perspective for managing anxiety which puts the person dealing with anxiety in the 'writer's' seat of their own story; of their own play or their own game.  


Often people see hypnosis/hypnotherapy as the magic bullet for helping with anxiety but most hypnotists/hypnotherapists have additional approaches that can help you too. There are often other accompaniments (resources) that really can help.


The old script

Anxiety doesn't really like to be played about with but once you learn to 'play it' you'll find it starts to regret you being the boss of the game you want to be playing. Once you learn to become the boss you can 'play the player' and then that anxiety will lessen.

Anxiety is the lead player in the play when you start

Anxiety is probably playing you through your imagination, thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations. But this is where you get to turn it around and be the master or mistress of the actual game.

The hypnotic trance of its game

For some, anxiety feels a bit like a hypnotic trance, feeling that they are inside a kind of hypnosis with anxiety. It could be said that some people feel that they are in this state of negative hypnosis on a daily basis. A kind of play that you are no doubt bored of right, and not feeling in control of yet.

You might feel that the trance starts to play out when you are on your own, stopping you from playing the game of life. So it's important to be equipped to refuse to go back into that anxiety hypnosis on your own, to be able to refuse that trance.

Play by being equipped

Your therapist can give you the tools to manage anxiety so you are prepared to deny that hypnotic trance that anxiety can pull you in to. A professional therapist can teach you the techniques to have available at these times.

Once you have the tools at your disposal you can then be the lead in this play and the main player in your own script of life. 

The number of chapters is your own creation

When you become the author you can work away at having the shortest play possible as you regain and take back that control. Make this a mini-play and not a Hollywood epic.

You can do this if you apply the techniques taught to you by your therapist, but you must be dedicated to keep at it and have a playful attitude.

Relish the ending of the play

Look forward to the final curtain. Write it, plan it, execute it and make sure there are no sequels when you become the author by taking decisive action!


With the right support and help, you can do this if you approach this with a little or a lot of fun because anxiety hates it when it tries to play you, but you are enjoying laughing at it. Ask any therapist that you approach how they will equip you when you are on your own, the answer you get may surprise you.

The work on this takes some effort but when you find the right therapist for you then the direction and changes will happen in the least amount of sessions possible. And the effort and support will be well worth it.

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