Anxiety in children/youngsters

Young people and children can feel anxious and worried at times, just like adults. They can also feel hopeless or sad and have worries and fears from time to time. Certainly, experiencing lockdowns where children were separated from their friends and had exams cancelled, could heighten anxiety, and trigger a knock-on impact that may well go on for years to come.


If you feel your youngster is starting to suffer with anxiety and that it’s affecting their well-being, it may be time for them to get some help. 

What makes children anxious? 

Many of their anxieties are a normal part of growing up, however, if the anxiety is affecting their everyday life, it can become a problem. Severe anxiety in children can harm their emotional and mental well-being and begin to affect their confidence and self-esteem. As time passes and children get older, these behaviours and thoughts can get much stronger, causing our brains to create habits that can be hard to change.

Symptoms may present as worry and fear, but your child may also begin to avoid doing things that they enjoy. They may become withdrawn and avoid certain situations that make them feel anxious. You may notice the following behaviours from your child/teenager:

  • struggling to concentrate
  • problems sleeping or eating 
  • angry outbursts 
  • experiences negative thoughts or worries about bad things happening 
  • begins to avoid everyday activities like going out with friends or school 
  • lack of confidence to try new things

Teenagers can often suffer with social anxiety and avoid going out with their friends. There are ways parents and carers can help their children with this anxiety. It’s important to talk to your child about their worries, reassuring them that you understand what they are going through.

Ways to help your child

You can help your child by encouraging them to:

  • practise relaxation techniques such as deep breathing
  • recognise the signs of anxiety
  • participate in physical activity daily
  • get the right amount of sleep
  • having a healthy eating plan including lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds

You may not have considered hypnotherapy as a way to help your child with their fears, anxieties, low self-confidence or self-esteem. Understandably, children know little about hypnotherapy, however, it can be an extremely beneficial option to help your child get over their struggles in a safe, fun way.

Rest assured that hypnotherapists have no control over your child’s mind or any magic powers and can definitely not encourage your child to do anything they would not want to do. The whole process is a state of relaxation where we can encourage children to relax and to visualise someplace they love to be, and feel safe and happy. All suggestions will be simple and easy for them to understand and follow.

Recent studies have shown hypnosis to be an effective treatment for young adults, teens, and children to alleviate several issues. Hypnotherapy is a pleasant, relaxed state of mind and body that everyone experiences every day. We experience this state just before we fall asleep, and the mind becomes focused.

They will use their imaginations to resolve their problems within a relatively short period of time. Children are extremely good at accepting change, as their habits and thoughts are not as deep-seated as adults. Therefore, they can be wonderfully receptive to hypnosis and find it empowering, too.


We have a 12 year old boy, who was suffering with anxiety issues. After the first session with Claire, we noticed a difference. Six sessions later, he became a happy child and able to deal with his problems.

Claire is an amazingly thoughtful, caring person. I would recommend Claire, with all my heart. Thank you, Claire.

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Southampton, Hampshire, SO32
Written by Claire Williamson, Hypnotherapist Dip Cp, Dip Hyp, LHS MSC
Southampton, Hampshire, SO32

My name is Claire and I have worked as a clinical Hypnotherapist for over 15 years delivering a relaxed, friendly and professional service from my home in Abingdon. During the restrictions or if you live too far to travel to me, I am seeing my clients remotely via video call, Whats App Face to face sessions will resume when restrictions lift

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