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Hypnotherapist Amy Odd

Amy Odd

BSc (Hons), HPD, DipSFH, ASFH

Amy is a clinical hypnotherapist and registered nurse working both online and face-to-face. Amy supports clients with a wide range of issues, from overcoming anxiety and depression to increasing confidence or managing weight.

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Hypnotherapist Damien Scott

Damien Scott

Dip Hyp, GQHP, GHR

Damien from Reframe Therapy is a clinical hypnotherapist and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner. He's also a passionate mental health advocate, volunteering with both Andy's Man Club and SHOUT, and is a Mental Health First Aider.

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Hypnotherapist Faye Hatch

Faye Hatch

Dip Hyp CS, BA Hons Ss, MCIPD

Faye is a solution-focused hypnotherapist working with people to make positive changes to their lives. Faye uses hypnotherapy for issues including stress, weight loss, quitting smoking, fertility, pregnancy, and fears/phobias.

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Hypnotherapist Natalie Swanson

Natalie Swanson

BSc, BComm (Hons), DipCHyp

Natalie is a cognitive hypnotherapist who helps people to overcome issues that are holding them back. She has a special interest in confidence and public speaking, anxiety, stress, smoking, drinking, overeating, and phobias.

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Hypnotherapist Neville Mundy

Neville Mundy

BSc (Hons), C Hyp, Dip EH P NLP

Neville is a hypnotherapist and member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists. He works from an established NHS hospital, helping people overcome a range of problems, including phobias, addictions, and anxiety.

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Hypnotherapist Neil Brown

Neil Brown

Dip Hyp, ISCH, GHR

Neil is a clinical hypnotherapist based in West Yorkshire. He specialises in helping people break free from anxiety, stress, and other mental health issues using the latest clinical hypnotherapy techniques. He sees clients both face-to-face and online.

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