Why wait to see a hypnotherapist?

People often tell me they’ve opted for hypnotherapy when at their tether’s end - when they’ve tried everything else.

They’ve decided that hypnotherapy is a slightly ‘left-field’, last resort kind of thing; perhaps worth a try only after medication, counselling or other talking therapies have been tried or abandoned.

They’ve waited, taken time to pluck up courage and then made a leap of faith; hoping to be beguiled, spellbound and cured in their sleep.

But in a therapeutic trance, you are self-aware and knowing throughout. As you may have heard, ‘all hypnosis is self-hypnosis’. Far from being ‘away with the fairies’, you retain complete autonomy. In fact, the more active your participation in hypnotherapy the more effective the process can be.

Although hypnotic therapy can achieve the remarkable, from surgical analgesia to profound and lasting psychological change, this natural state is the polar opposite of the supernatural or magical. It is, in fact, an ancestral gift, shared by all humans and sentient animals.

Those who practice hypnotherapy hold hands across the ages with the first human healers, many millennia ago. This wise, contemplative and protective state is your everyday companion and has been with you your whole life; the first to give you powerful hypnotic suggestions, for better or worse, may have been your parents when you were a tiny infant.

A hypnotherapist is a clinician who understands the value and utility of this profound but familiar process at its fundament.

You may already be half aware that you navigate the waking world by referring constantly to its sibling, hypnotic landscape, (an orchard of memories and mantras, of learnt reactions, recent and ancient). You secretly know the sub-conscious cycle of distraction, fascination and diversion you live many times a day.

You remember that, when you were little (and less judgemental), a caring touch, or word, really could take away pain. And even now, when the world seems too complicated, too frustrating or too profound, you find yourself momentarily withdrawing from it, inwardly to change focus, to take stock, to re-group.

To loose yourself from the bustle and the hubbub of an often unsympathetic world is a hard-wired reaction to stress and confusion; and a form of therapeutic trance.

This personal yet universal, checking, balancing and healing place is where the hypnotherapist works. Solution focussed, they are trained to see into the powerful, primal, mind-body singularity that is the real you. They offer a liberating partnership that allows you to uncover, dust off and take the reins of your destiny.

Why then hesitate. Why delay the chance to change your life, to cleverly captain yourself, on your own terms, to a new healthier place. Why wait?

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London SE22 & SE18
Written by Stephen Murray Dewar, MSc. (Clin Hyp.) PG Dip. (CBH) MBSCH
London SE22 & SE18

MSc. (NVQ Level 7) in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy. BA (Hons.) Acting and Movement Psychology.
Many years of formal clinical practice and research. I routinely treat anxiety, phobias, and psycho-somatic illness.
Specialisms include:
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Sports and Acting performance anxiety.

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