Using hypnosis to lead from confusion to clarity

From where I stood back in 2022, changing my LinkedIn status felt like stepping into the unknown, a leap that left me in tears for an hour. Suddenly, the weight of proving myself and achieving success felt heavier than ever. For a long time, the dream of working with people seemed increasingly unattainable as I navigated the challenges of adulthood, including immigration concerns inherited from a childhood where visa issues seemed a reoccurring theme.


That is why after graduation I found myself settling for a career in consulting, despite a deep passion for psychology, convinced that pursuing my true calling was impractical and risky. So when it seemed possible why wasn’t I just able to completely jump in?

Are you at a crossroads?

Whether in matters of romance or the broader scope of life, many of my clients initiate therapy feeling trapped at a crossroads. Their current life circumstances no longer serve them, yet they find themselves uncertain of the path forward.

As young babies, we are firmly rooted in our worthiness - we know with absolute certainty that we deserve love. From this core of deservingness, our dreams are boundless and filled with infinite possibilities. However, as we grow up and especially as we navigate the complexities of adulthood, those dreams can feel increasingly distant and improbable. Society's expectations weigh heavily upon us, pushing us in different directions.

This dynamic creates a tug-of-war within our minds. On one hand, we yearn to chase our dreams Yet, on the other hand, a cacophony of voices echoes in our heads, holding us back and shrouding our thoughts in a dense fog of confusion. This lack of clarity clouds our vision, leaving us unsure of which path to take and how to navigate the journey toward our aspirations.

Usually what you think is the problem, isn't the problem 

Through my own life experience and my interactions with clients, I have come to a profound realisation: the root of our struggles often lies not in an ability to make decisions or know what we want but in a fundamental difficulty trusting ourselves.

Behind practical realities and to-do lists lies a deep-seated fear, one that often remains unspoken. It's the fear of failure, the dread that our greatest insecurities will be laid bare in front of the world. Surprisingly, for some of my clients, it's not just the fear of failure that holds them back; it's also a fear of success. They worry about what might happen if they achieve their goals — will they outgrow their relationships, leave loved ones behind, or face unexpected consequences?

Either way, we've been conditioned to believe that it's safer to heed advice from others rather than trust our intuition. 

RTT and the restoration of your relationship with yourself

In my entrepreneurial journey to restore my faith in myself and find the courage to start working with people, I needed to do a deep dive into my subconscious, uncovering the stories and blocks that had kept me from reaching my full potential. And with each breakthrough, I felt lighter and more empowered. 

RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) is a wonderful modality that helps us access our subconscious and serves as a powerful tool for self-discovery, offering a clear perspective on our lives and the roots of our fears. With empathy and understanding, we release the limiting beliefs that hinder our progress, allowing us to reconnect with our inner wisdom and guidance. 

Through each session, we uncover the layers of confusion, revealing our inherent power to shape our destinies. This process isn't about magic; it's about taking consistent action and remaining open to possibilities.

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London, London, EC3N 4AL
Written by Mahima Razdan, Rapid Transformation Practitioner and Hypnotherapist
London, London, EC3N 4AL

I am a Rapid Transformation and Hypnotherapist. 18 months ago, after spending 6 years in technology consulting, I decided to make a career change.

Why? I suddenly started to notice that while I and so many of the women had managed to build successful and financially rewarding careers, inwardly we still deeply suffered.

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