The jigsaw of life

Life, to me, resembles a three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle floating in space. Each of us is tasked with completing our own unique puzzle using the pieces we have at hand. While every piece ultimately fits together to form a comprehensive picture, we often find ourselves missing some pieces or struggling to reach others. These pieces represent the various facets of our lives – our experiences, relationships, challenges, and triumphs, to name just a few.


The concept of the "jigsaw of life" embodies the intricate interplay and interconnectedness of our existence. Much like assembling a jigsaw puzzle, life can appear bewildering and uncertain at times, especially in its initial stages. However, as we navigate through its complexities, facing both challenges and opportunities, we gradually gain clarity and insight into ourselves and the world around us.

This journey underscores the value of patience, resilience, and the ability to perceive the larger picture, even when individual pieces seem disjointed or perplexing. Every day can provide some new learning to help us move forward and slot more pieces into our puzzle.

How do we discover and integrate our puzzle pieces?

Here are some strategies:

Cultivate a growth mindset

Cultivate a growth mindset, fostering openness to learning and development. Embracing the belief that our abilities and intelligence can be developed through dedication opens up a world of possibilities. With a growth mindset, setbacks are viewed as opportunities for growth rather than insurmountable obstacles. 

Set tangible goals

Set tangible goals and take consistent smaller steps toward their attainment. How does any big project get completed? By breaking it down into smaller chunks! If you want to write a 100-page book and do a page a day, you’ll have a rough draft in 100 days!

Embrace discomfort

Embrace discomfort by venturing beyond your comfort zone and exploring new experiences. Growth often occurs when we challenge ourselves to explore new territories and push beyond self-imposed limitations. As children, there seemed less fear around trying new things, partly because most things were new to us. Sometimes we tend to lose this point of view as we age, but it can be so rewarding when we try new things and find we’re good at them. 

Broaden your perspective

Broaden your perspective by delving into diverse literature and different viewpoints. Books serve as windows into different cultures, ideologies, and experiences, broadening our horizons and fostering empathy and understanding. A book on one topic may prompt thoughts in your brain regarding something else you’re working on.

Prioritise physical activity

This may help unearth hidden insights and enhance mental clarity. Exercise not only benefits our physical health but also boosts our mood, cognitive function, and creativity. (I like to think physical exercise shakes our puzzles up a bit and dislodges a few puzzle pieces hidden in space down into your puzzle).

Challenge and address your limiting beliefs

Challenge and address your limiting beliefs, overcoming self-imposed barriers.

All of the above activities might help a few more puzzle pieces come down into position. Completing our puzzles marks the transition to more intricate, challenging, and ultimately fulfilling endeavours. After all, once you’ve completed a jigsaw, you file it away and start a new, different jigsaw, with different pieces!

Should you require assistance in navigating your own puzzle of life, or starting any of the topics mentioned in this article, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

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Reading, Berkshire, RG30
Written by Paul Hradek, DipCHyp
Reading, Berkshire, RG30

Hi, I'm Paul, a practising c and Coach, and my passion is helping people reach their potential and free themselves of any issues stopping them from leading a fulfilled life. I work online and in person.

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