Quit smoking without weight gain

Many people worry that they would put on weight if they were to stop smoking. They feel that cigarettes have been suppressing their appetite and keeping their weight under control. And, perhaps, there's some validity to those thoughts. Maybe smoking does suppress the appetite. However, you can quit smoking without any weight gain. 

Stop and think

Do non-smokers struggle with their weight because they don't smoke? Also, are all smokers thinner then because they do smoke? I think you'll agree that there are of course people who smoke who are still over weight and people who don't who are under weight. Just because you stop smoking, it really doesn't mean you will gain excess weight or gain any weight at all.

The truth! 

Here's the real reason why, with Hypnotherapy, you may be able to quit smoking without any weight gain.

If a person stops smoking 'Cold Turkey', or by any method where all they've got is willpower, then they might put on weight. This is because they haven't changed the way they think about cigarettes. They still see smoking as a reward. They still believe that smoking was giving them something good. By stopping, they feel they are being deprived! In other words they feel like there is a 'void'. In order to fill this void, some people choose to eat in order to replace their cigarettes.

However, when our thoughts about smoking change dramatically, then we don't feel like there's anything to replace. There's no void. Hypnotherapy helps a person to come away with a different perspective. They have a more enhanced appreciation of what they are giving themselves BY STOPPING. Their focus is on all that they have gained instead of thinking that they have lost something that needs replacing.

A new perspective

There is no deprivation. Instead they realise how they've been depriving themselves from the freedoms and benefits of being a non-smoker. What benefits? The freedom for your lungs to breathe without any interference or restriction. The health, well-being and survival of your body and brain it all its functions. Money back in your wallet that you'd never have for pursuits or things of your choice. Less headaches, coughing, or up and down energy changes. The freedom not to have to go and stock up and check and plan to ensure you have them. I'm sure you can also think of more good outcomes you could look forward to.

There's no need to worry about gaining weight when you stop smoking and do so effectively. Remember, if you're still yearning for cigarettes or feeling deprived, then you haven't changed your thinking enough. When you become a true non-smoker, you feel free, proud and even ecstatic about what you've done for yourself, your health and your life.

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