"Putting the breaks on" - How to overcome a fear of driving

One of the most essential things that we need for our day-to-day lives is the use of a car. We need a vehicle for a variety of different purposes: going to see friends, going to work, doing the shopping, etc. It can, therefore, be a very scary thing when you have a fear of getting in your car, as it can seem that you are cut off from the activities that matter to you the most. This makes driving anxieties one of the most prevalent phobias of our time.


What causes driving anxiety?

There are many different reasons why people develop anxiety or a phobia around driving. Some reasons could be:

  • Being scared of failing the practical driving test.
  • Not being a confident driver i.e. forgetting that they are a good/safe driver.
  • Being worried about other drivers - either causing them injury or being injured by their recklessness.
  • Fear of becoming involved in an accident.
  • Fear of the destination - not wanting to go to that specific place.
  • The weather - driving in ice, snow or thick fog.
  • Not having driven for a while and having to go back on the road.

Hypnotherapy for driving anxiety

Hypnosis is an absolutely invaluable tool in allowing yourself to break this unhelpful thinking, and giving you the confidence and ability to get behind the wheel again. Hypnosis offers the opportunity to break the patterns of unhelpful thinking that are holding you down.

The process induces a positive relaxed state of mind, which will allow you to rediscover that inner confidence that you have. This is done with gentle and encouraging techniques such as positive affirmations, stress management, and systematic desensitisation (gradually exposing you to your anxieties in a safe and controlled manner).

These are very sophisticated and powerful techniques that can be offered within a session. They can be very effective and, when they are transposed onto a CD/MP3, your confidence can continue to evolve after the session. You will then gain additional benefits and continue to be supported throughout your hypnotic experience.

Hypnosis has the benefits of creating a safe environment in which you can explore your own personal issues and come to terms with them. Therefore, hypnotherapy is one of the most effective treatments when it comes to treating driving-related anxieties and other phobias.

This can allow you to regain confidence on the road, remember all those specific teachings that you have learnt and put them into safe practice. By accomplishing this, you will have dispelled the anxiety that has held you back. By bringing your inner confidence to the surface, you will instinctively regain control of your anxiety, putting you back in the driving seat.

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Written by Brian Turner, (BA Hons, MHS Acc, Prof. Dip PsyC, Dip Hyp CS, Cert. Supervision.)
Normanton, West Yorkshire, WF6 2DB

I am Brian Turner and I am a therapist that uses different therapies and techniques to promote an active well-being in all of my clients. I have had resounding success with resolving unwanted habits, and thought patterns.

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