Past life regression and hypnotherapy - why choose this therapy?

Hypnosis is the main technique used to reach past life memories. The therapist guides the client to access the wisdom of the subconscious which lies beneath ordinary consciousness.


The subconscious is not limited by time, space and logic and is highly creative. Hypnosis holds immense potential for healing by giving access to the subconscious mind. 

Clients may experience a broad spectrum of hypnotic states from light to deep trance during past life regression. Your conscious mind is aware of what you are experiencing and you are always in control. When you are in a hypnotic state you are not asleep but in an altered state of awareness. For some, the experience is like observing a movie, and for others, it is more vivid with emotional and sensory reactions. 

In my practice, I use a combination of hypnosis and regression therapy to guide the client to access creative ideas and solutions to childhood or past life sequences of ‘memories.’ At the same time, clients are in complete control and able to emerge whenever they want. The present-day mind is aware, relaxed and in a hypnotic state.

Regression therapy is used to go back to an earlier time, to retrieve memories that may still be negatively influencing the client, in their present life. These memories can be explored and may be the source of the client’s symptoms. 

Using dreams for past life recall

Dreams often contain clues about past lives and clients interested in past life regression are recommended to keep a dream journal.

Dream journal (keep a small notebook on your bedside)

As you wake, lie still and try to remember your dream, note down your feelings and emotions. This will take practice but it is fascinating! 

Recall the characters, symbols, colours, sights and sounds. You will soon be able to build this up and connect them together into a more coherent dream recall. Give your dream a title because this will help you to focus your mind on a theme. Detail places, times, and people in your dreams.

The more dreams you record the more clues will be revealed which will help your past life regression sessions.

What do your dreams mean?

Recall one of your dreams that you wish to interpret and ask your subconscious “Why did I have this dream? What is this dream telling me? What does this dream mean?" Make a list of all the symbols and characters in your dreams. All your dreams mean something to you as they are from your subconscious mind. 

After hypnosis and regression is completed, integration is necessary to process feelings, insights, and information into the current life of the client. 

Below is a guide to the way my past life regression sessions typically work.

Past life therapy session

  • relaxation and visualisation 
  • transition from present to past…
  • exploration of past life (using a therapist-guided process)
  • releasing of anything negative 
  • healing of the past life (relationships, injuries, and trauma) – this can often take more than one session.
  • closing down and restoring to consciousness 
  • processing the story and session. 

I would normally see clients again to heal or release anything not dealt with in this first session. Three sessions are usually recommended.

Why choose past life regression therapy?

Past life therapy is a valuable form of healing even if the client does not believe in reincarnation!

It is very relaxing for the subconscious mind to enjoy an inner voyage journey using hypnosis combined with regression therapy.

It provides a process to look at old problems in new ways to reveal underlying causes of either emotional or physical problems.

It helps to give us healing, closure and change.

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Written by Ann Hamilton, SQHP | Senior Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and Supervisor
Whitstable CT5 & London SW14

Ann Hamilton. MA, BSc Hons, DAHP, SQHP, CNHC, Dip EMDR, EFT, MIACHT
GHR Acknowledged Supervisor
Senior Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist
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