Military hypnotherapy for post-traumatic stress disorder

"Hypnotherapy wages war on post-traumatic stress disorder; a service aimed at helping the armed forces and veterans cope with civilian life".

Hypnotherapy aims to provide the armed forces and veterans with a resolution to deeply-held shock and terror, by bringing one back to a sense of an integrated self. Trauma disconnects a person from their own internal sense of security, so the sooner they can get it back, the better they will feel. Trauma not dealt with can turns emotions into triggers.

If a person is willing to use the energy coming from the bad experience as a power to get them deeper into their ”healthy intuition”, that same healthy intuition will heal them. Sufferers with PTSD are able to crystalise moments of terror, allowing the same survival instinct that got them out, to get them in – as far into their subconscious as they need to go to let it do the healing.

You are the cure and formula to totally stop any war, battle or conflict going on in the mind or body, no one else can truly heal you.

Hypno-processing treatment for PTSD speaks through the defenses to release your emotions and find the root cause. working with the mind, the hypnotherapist will return to the "cause". This will automatically lessen its hold over you (the procedure is a specific process involving mental imagery of the traumatic event, combined with relaxation techniques).

Confronting the trauma is the first step towards healing it and putting it behind you for good. Defenses are recognised as having been valuable at the time of trauma, but they are less useful now and are standing in the way of self-understanding.

Any pain or suffering experienced is screaming out for somebody to take notice, it is not there to be ignored or covered up. You have all the tools needed to work with; raw emotions are gateways for growth and healing. High dosages of prescribed drugs or alcohol block communication with the soul and make the progression work impossible to do.

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Derby, Derbyshire, DE23
Written by Kali Fraser, GQHP, MLPTA, Dip. Hyp, Dip SRT, Dip. PLT, Dip. Ayur, Dip. NLP, EMDR
Derby, Derbyshire, DE23

Kali Fraser Dip. Hyp, Dip SRT, Dip. PLT, Dip. Ayur, Dip. NLP, EMDR, GQHP, MLPTA specialises in a number of areas which include: Regression back to birth, Past Life Regression, Life In-Between Lives, Progression and Hypno-Ayahuasca.

At Maya Hypnosis, ones greatest weakness has the possibility to become ones greatest strength, established in 2004.

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All therapists are verified professionals

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