Hypnotherapy for change

Everything changes. A Buddhist would call this 'impermanence'. Nothing is permanent. This includes -


Changes in life are inevitable and hypnotherapy can help us with this

• our physical life

• our jobs

• money

• society

• even the solar system itself!

We can drill down into the earth and find ancient creatures, civilisations and earth movements. We can uncover how they lived and the environmental consequences of the change. It has all changed.

Change stimulates feelings

We all have feelings about change. Some are positive and others are negative. When stating the impermanence of life and the possible dissolution of the solar system it will evoke feelings in a person. As does the idea of winning the lottery. But change itself, will still take place regardless of how we feel.

“It is how we as individuals react to change, that really matters”

Hypnotherapy has the ability to heal and change our automatic responses to change. Whether they be feelings, people or situations, or how we understand and respond to change, it undoubtedly plays a role in our success and overall sense of wellbeing. 

“Change happens regardless of our experiences, beliefs and opinions”

Quite often what we “think/perceive” does not necessarily correlate to the world around us. For example; waking up and believing it is going to be a sunny day, only to find out that the weather app hadn’t told us it was going to rain. This scenario will bring about many different subjective responses from person to person. Some instantly feeling fine at the change and others not so good - others may feel a combination of reactions before reaching a resolution. Hypnotherapy can help you see life more clearly giving you the tools to calmly adapt to changes in life regardless of how you are feeling.

Change cannot be resisted

Once change has happened, things will never go back the same way. So, to try and make it so, might add to a feeling of uneasiness. We have all tried to resist change at some point or another, but what is done is done, and a great peace can be taken from noticing life in that way.

Illness for example; depending on the severity of illness, a person might not be able to use resistance as a strategy to recover. How ever, that isn’t to say that we should just roll over and surrender to this kind of change as an accidental consequence to life. Hypnotherapy can help to uphold feelings of deep acceptance. This can really help you to move forwards with your life.

Change can be met

We can meet change as it “is”. 

Regardless of our thoughts about things, we will change as our world changes around us. By the eventual acceptance of change, whether it be good or bad. We can adapt - forging new positive and constructive ideas of the world around us. Hypnotherapy has many wide-reaching benefits and can help with many ailments and conditions, in particular, the fear of change itself.

We can resonate with change

Through the use of Hypnotherapy we embrace change. This can accelerate the rate of change within our own and other people's lives. By meaningfully noticing and connecting with the changes taking place in a person’s life, we resonate with the feeling of change. This has the potential to help bring about positive change in a person’s life - which often has a knock-on effect - bringing about positive changes for the people connected to them too. e.g. family members. Hypnotherapy doesn’t only help you, it helps the people you are closest to you also.

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