Erectile dysfunction - your questions answered

Erectile dysfunction, also known as erectile disorder or simply ED, is a condition whereby a man either cannot attain an erection, or cannot maintain it to completion. This can be embarrassing for both parties and be the cause of stress within a relationship even with the most understanding partner.


Here we will look at what causes erectile dysfunction and how hypnotherapy could help.

What causes ED?

The causes of ED are diverse and can include:

Physical causes such as:

  • obesity
  • high LDL cholesterol
  • smoking and alcohol consumption
  • injury
  • illness
  • cancer

Psychological causes such as:

  • anxiety
  • grief
  • stress
  • depression  

If you are reading this because you have ED, please make sure if you have not already done so, that you see your doctor to rule out potential physical problems. 

How common is ED?

ED affects most men at some point in their lives, with 5-12% of men actively seeking help. For these men there are a number of effective medical options, however, like most medications these do not work for everyone. They may not be suited to everyone's lifestyle and may have side effects. A significant number of men are also dissatisfied with the idea of being reliant upon medication. This is where hypnotherapy can be of help. 

Does hypnotherapy work for ED?

The earliest large-scale hypnotherapy work on male sexual problems like ED was reported by Crasilneck which showed success rates of 80-87%, which is the sort of success rate most hypnotherapists would expect to achieve. In addition, small-scale studies have shown that hypnotherapy is superior to testosterone treatments and acupuncture for the treatment of ED.

What will hypnotherapy treatment for erectile dysfunction involve?

Every therapist has their own approach and most will tailor this to suit you personally. Some will focus on replacing negative thoughts and images with more positive or practical ones, while others will focus on the causes and early negative experiences. Some will be looking to reduce anxiety. Some may also suggest exercises or lifestyle changes to support the work.

Will I have to discuss my sex life?

It is likely that you will have to disclose some details of your sex life, such as who you are having sex with, and how frequently. All good hypnotherapists understand the need to respect your personal information and to keep it confidential. Most experienced therapists will however wait until you feel ready before obtaining the required details.

Ready to try hypnotherapy?

If you want to try hypnotherapy it can help to learn more about the process and how it works. Understanding the way it works with the subconscious can help you see just how it can help with problems like erectile dysfunction.

When you're ready, you can search for a hypnotherapist who offers help with erectile dysfunction. When you find someone you feel comfortable with, you can reach out to them to arrange your sessions. They will be able to tell you more about the process, how many sessions you might need and what to expect. 

Get started by contacting Matthew or using our search tool to find a hypnotherapist.

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Written by Dr Matthew Krouwel, Dbsch, NCH, C.Hyp, D.Hyp, P.Hyp, P.Hyp (CBT)
Birmingham, B31 2RL

Matt Krouwel is a Birmingham based hypnotherapist and therapy lecturer with over 15 years experience. He is the founder of the 'Evidence Based Practice in Clinical Hypnotherapy' annual conference and is a leading authority on the hypno-therapeutic treatment of psychosexual issues.

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