Do I go for CBT or solution-focused hypnotherapy?

Many of my clients struggle to choose the 'right' therapy for them. Let’s face it, Google is a minefield when it comes to finding a therapist. I, therefore, thought I would give you an unbiased view of two well-known therapies to help you decide. 


What is cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)?

Let’s start with CBT. CBT is a talking therapy. It's based on the belief that our thoughts, feelings, what we do, and how our bodies feel are all connected. So, if you think negatively about a situation this encourages negative emotions, which then results in you acting a certain way.

For instance, if you attend an interview and you are thinking negatively about it, you will generate negative emotions and, therefore, you are likely to act in a certain way during your interview - and it will probably not be in your best interest. However, if you think positively about the interview, you will produce positive emotions that will lead to you acting in a more positive way during the interview and, therefore, you being your best self.

During the sessions, you will work collaboratively with the therapist to identify triggers and situations where your thoughts influence your responses and actions in a negative way and agree on goals and practical tasks in order to change them. This may mean that you talk about the past and current day. You can expect to see a therapist between five and 20 sessions You may also be required to fill out a worksheet or diary in between sessions. It is a very positive therapy that requires dedication and practice which, in turn, delivers great results.

What is solution-focused hypnotherapy?

CBT and solution-focused hypnotherapy (SFH) are very similar, it is about goal-setting and working together as a team. Although SFH believes that you are the expert of you, so the therapist will take your lead in coming up with the goals. It is about changing your thought process, just like CBT which will help change your behaviours and feelings, in order to become a happier person, your best self.

What's the difference between CBT and solution-focused hypnotherapy?

The difference between solution-focused hypnotherapy and CBT is that, at the end of each session, solution-focused hypnotherapy uses trance work (a relaxed state) to help the goals you have come up with move into your subconscious mind, which will encourage you to think and act in a positively way without having to think about it. Just like CBT, it requires dedication and it usually takes between six and 12 sessions to fully see the new you.

Both therapies cost between £55 and £70 (in the Wiltshire area).

My suggestion, if you can, is to book a consultation with a therapist from each type of therapy. Many therapists have lots of strings to their bow and have been trained in both CBT and SFH. It is important to have a consultation before deciding because connection and trust are of paramount importance and should be a deciding factor. If you decide CBT is for you, I can certainly recommend a well-respected and successful therapist. And, if solution-focused therapy feels like the right one for you, then please do contact me.

I hope this helps. 

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Corsham, Wiltshire, SN13 0ES
Written by Katie Elizabeth Joan Guthrie, BA(hons), DHP HPD MNCH(Lic)AFSFH
Corsham, Wiltshire, SN13 0ES

Katie Guthrie owner of the Guthrie Practice based in Bath and Corsham. Specialises in anxiety, depression, sleep issues, confidence issues, pain and sports performance. I am a Member of the National Council of Hypnotherapists and my approach is practical, enjoyable and goal-focused.

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