Clarify your life vision to succeed

A life vision is a big picture of the life of your dreams. It acts as a compass that enables you to maximise life by unlocking your own potential. 


When creating your life’s vision, you have to be driven by a mindset of possibilities, opportunities and abundance.

Making change your ally in pursuing your vision

Having a clear vision is essential for initiating and sustaining change. A well-defined vision helps us stay focused on our goals and provides a roadmap for our journey towards personal growth and success. Research shows that if we set clear, attainable goals, we are more likely to make lasting changes because we have a clear direction and purpose of working towards.

It's crucial to understand that while change might bring short-term discomfort, it is temporary, while regret is permanent. Accepting change can be hard, but the benefits of getting past our fears and reaching our goals are much greater than the pain of the process.

As Peter Drucker said,

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

By focusing on the path ahead and setting clear goals, we can overcome the fear of change and take control of our lives.

The importance of clarity of vision can be seen in the story of a person who decided to change careers in their mid-30s. They had been working in the same industry for over a decade but realised that they were no longer passionate about their job. Instead of staying stuck in a career they didn't enjoy, they took the time to reflect on their interests and skills and set a clear vision for their future.

They chose the new career path they wanted to take, set specific goals for making the change and made a detailed action plan to reach those goals. Even though starting over in a new field was hard and made them feel uncomfortable at first, they stuck to their vision and eventually found success and happiness in their new job.

This example demonstrates the power of having a clear vision and the impact it can have on our ability to initiate and sustain change in our lives. By setting clear goals and staying focused on our vision, we can overcome the fear of change and create the future we desire.

In conclusion, clarity of vision and intentional change are necessary for success and embracing them can lead to a more fulfilling and rewarding life. If you understand the psychology of change and use what you've learned, you can start a journey towards positive, long-lasting transformation.

Whether you want to improve your career, relationships or personal well-being, your hypnotherapist can offer you the guidance, support and effective tools you need to break free from the limits of the past and embrace the potential you already have. Remember that we all have the capacity to grow and evolve, and it's never too late to start creating the life you desire!

If you're considering making a change in your life or need help navigating the challenges that come with change, I invite you to reach out. Visit my website or contact me today to learn more about holistic transformative therapy and discover how I can help you unlock your full potential for success.

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Written by D. Podjaska, MSc, HPD, Hypnotherapist and Counsellor
Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 2PF

My name is Dorota, I am a heart-centred therapist supporting individuals to grow to their full potential. I will help you heal and transform into the truest version of yourself.

Together, we will find the root cause of your problem, so that you can experience a permanent change!

I work with clients online and face-to-face in Leeds city centre.

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