Between lives regression - a profound experience

Between lives regression is something my clients request occasionally when they have already encountered past life regression and want to delve deeper. They will have usually read about the subject and will be able to meditate, visualise and believe in life after death or reincarnation.


No one can prove indefinitely the existence or the lack of life after death or reincarnation and it is purely down to the belief of the individual. Respecting belief and allowing the individual to formulate their own opinion is essential in any regression therapy work. It can be a very profound and unique experience for those who wish to try this type of regression. 
Life between lives refers to the experience of being between incarnations (the inter-life), where you exist as a pure energy being.' Dr Michael Newton Institute. Dr Newton held a doctorate in Counselling Pyschology, was a master hypnotherapist and worked as a psychologist in Los Angeles. He is known as a pioneer of afterlife exploration.  

What is between lives regression?

There are different types of regression, present life regression, past life regression and between lives regression. Present life regression is where a client is gently regressed back to events in their current lifetime under hypnosis. This usually involves incidents from childhood or early adulthood that may have been traumatic or emotionally eventful and some form of release is needed. Past life regression is where a client is taken back further than their current lifetime into one or more of their past lives, usually this is in human form at a previous time in history.

Between lives regression is different because it takes the client to the period in between lives where they were not on this earth. They were in the place that souls, spirits, energy or essence of the individual resides during the time that they are not on earth. For those who have experienced a near-death experience, where they may have been clinically dead for a short period of time and then revived or recovered, many report encountering an out-of-body experience. This can vary from going down a tunnel to going towards a light or seeing and meeting loved ones who have already departed.

Some are greeted by a higher presence who may give them a message or send them back into their current life. Is this real? None of us know but the individuals I have spoken to who have shared their near-death experiences with me are all certain that it was a very real and very profound encounter. During between lives regression, a client is gently regressed to a between lives state under deep hypnosis. Open-ended questions are asked by the regression therapist to prevent the creation of false memories. Rapid return, or a place of safety, (if at any point the client feels the need to) is set up to ensure feelings of relaxation and safety at all times.  

Why have between lives regression?

Between lives regression is often described as one of the most profound and life-changing experiences you can ever have. The main advantage is that you don’t have to die to experience it. It can be healing and transformative where a lot of learning can take place. 

Exploring the afterlife can bring with it sensations of peace never experienced before in the current lifetime. It can involve colours, light, feelings, sensations, meeting with loved ones who have already passed, meeting with higher beings and counsels who provide deep insight into this lifetime, etc. 

There may be elders, soul groups, spirit guides or higher-level beings who can answer questions and provide insight and guidance to assist the individual. 

As to whether this is real or metaphorical is not really as important as the experience itself, the questions that are answered and the profound sense of peace that can come with it. Usually, the client has a belief in life between lives and life after death to book an appointment with a qualified, experienced regression therapist. 

Between lives experience

Clients who have taken this unique rare between lives journey facilitated by myself have shared their experiences with me. One was drawn by very bright beautifully coloured before he met with loved ones who are still alive with him in his current lifetime. He described them as appearing to him as energy or souls, not physical beings. He instantly recognised them from the very essence of them, he just knew and sensed them immediately.

This was a little soul group and they had a very deep connection spanning way back through several lifetimes. He found this of great comfort because he was told they would all meet again, not only in the afterlife but also in a future lifetime. Their purpose is to support each other through times of great difficulty, each taking on a different role in each lifetime. Learning from each other each time they are here. He felt he had not always made the right choices or behaved well in his current lifetime, although had turned this around and made good. It gave him great comfort and reassurance to know that his small soul group was still with him supporting each other. 

Another described a bright white light and being enveloped by it. It felt warm and very fast energetically. She was happy to go with it and it took her to a white room where she was greeted by a higher-level being who showed her uncle who had mistreated her as a child. Tears flowed as the higher level being helped her to release the past hurt and send him on his way, cutting any ties that may have been left when he had passed away. She described feeling a huge weight lift from her heart and happiness at suddenly realising this man won’t be at any of her significant future life events as he has left and is now gone.

The higher level being assured her that the healing work and self-hypnosis work she does are moving her forward towards finding love with a partner who is right for her, and who is more caring and respectful to her than her previous ones. She told me that the feeling of love and security she was filled with during this regression was like nothing else she’d ever felt. It was emotional and transformational for her. She recognised it may all be symbolic and metaphorical but didn’t care because a weight had been lifted for her.  

If you are interested in between lives regression, past life regression or this lifetime regression please contact me or another qualified hypnotherapist and regression therapist listed with Hypnotherapy Directory.  

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Written by Laura Hawkins, Dip. Hyp., Adv.DPLT, DPLT, GQHP, B.Ed. Hons
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