6 good reasons to do QHHT

Here are six good reasons to try Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) - and some bonus ones also.


1. Find out what your life purpose is

Have you ever wondered why you’re here and what it is you’ve come into this life to learn? Every life has a lesson, whether it be unfinished business from another life or lives, or karma that needs to be repaid.

What does life purpose mean?

After we leave our body and pass to that dimension which many call the afterlife, and that I also like to call our ‘true home; if the life we’ve just left was especially traumatic or we had a major illness, we have a period of rest and healing.

Once we are deemed to be ready, we are called to do a review of that life, ably assisted by those you might call the wise ones because they have no need of a name. We are able to see and re-experience every aspect of that life; to remember the reason and purpose of it, and to understand how well we did. You could liken it to getting back your exam paper, complete with marks and comments, although, unlike school, the ‘exams’ we take are always voluntary!

If it is agreed that we didn’t complete our lessons, either overall or in certain areas, then we know we need to go back into a new body and complete the unfinished business. If we accumulate karma through our acts, then this will need to be ‘repaid’ in the next life in some way – usually by being on the receiving end of the unkind or cruel behaviours that we perpetrated on others.

If, on the other hand, the consensus is that we were successful in our life lessons, then we can create a new list of lessons to learn (and this will always include one major one, like a ‘headline’) for the next life. This is known as our life purpose.

During a QHHT session, when the hypnotherapist talks with your higher self, one of the first questions asked will be ‘Can you tell us what is [client's name]'s life purpose?’

Who or what is the higher self?

The higher self can best be described as that all-wise, all-knowing ‘part' that wants only the best for us and is directly connected with the accumulated wisdom of eternity through earlier lives that our soul has experienced before. 

The higher self can provide the answers to many of our questions. It can also help us to understand where we are on our soul journey; how well we are doing and what we might change or do differently. 

When we incarnate into a new body, we are never truly disconnected from the source, but in order to learn our lessons, the ‘veil of forgetting’ comes down so that we can focus on what we’re here to learn by experiencing often challenging events.

What is the veil of forgetting?

Think of each incarnation as like leaving our loving home to go to boarding school. We know in advance that it’s not always going to be easy, but we’re determined to do our best once there. If we were able to remember all the wisdom we’d accumulated during previous lives, and also exactly how we’d planned this new life with all its challenges, then we’d sail through the life without bothering to learn anything, because we knew exactly what the syllabus was going to be, and also knew the answers to all the tests and exams!

What is important to know is that we’re never actually disconnected, but that our long-term memory is temporarily ‘paused’ when we reincarnate. The higher self is the part of us that remains fully connected to the source at all times and remembers everything about us, even when the human part of us forgets. 

Once we leave the body and return to the source, our memory of all our lives and our accumulated wisdom (together with our access to the group consciousness) is switched back on. We can then remember exactly why we chose the recent life and have a complete understanding of how well we did with learning our lessons. You might call it a light bulb moment when that switch is activated!

2. Be shown an experience that is totally unique to you

When we do QHHT, we ask the higher self to guide you into ‘the most appropriate experience for you’. This may be a past life, but it might be a parallel life, an exploration of the Universe or a journey of sensory metaphors, for example. Whatever ‘they’ show you is what they know you need, rather than what you are expecting or hoping for!

Whatever you are shown, you are encouraged to immerse yourself in that experience and to use all of your senses to explore it, even if it doesn’t immediately make any sense to you. The experienced QHHT therapist will know how to help and encourage you to move through it and gather valuable information as you allow it to come into focus.

Even though you may leave that experience without fully understanding it, the therapist will later ask your higher self to explain why they showed it to you and what they want you to learn from it.

3. Ask your higher self the questions you’ve always wanted answers to

Imagine being able to finally get answers to some of the many questions that you’ve researched and pondered on, perhaps for many years. Prior to the session, you will be invited a write a list of around 10 questions for your higher self.

How can the higher self answer questions in a QHHT session?

In order to answer the questions, of course, the higher self needs to have a voice. You, the client, will still be in a deep state of hypnosis, whilst remaining fully aware at all times, and your QHHT therapist will most likely have already explained to you the importance of ‘you’ remaining firmly in the background and allowing your higher self to use your voice to answer the questions the therapist is asking on your behalf.

I always suggest to my clients that they imagine they are a channel or even a simultaneous translator, just allowing the responses to come without any conscious analysis or interference.

When the client allows this to happen, the words of wisdom that are spoken are indescribably awe-inspiring, and even after many years as a QHHT therapist, I am still humbled by what I hear.

4. Gain insights into relationships

A typical question asked by clients is ‘Did I choose my parents, and if so, why?’ As children, we just accept our parents for who and what they are, even if they are derelict in their duty. As we get older, we often become aware of behaviours, habits and beliefs that we can trace back to our parents. No one ever tells us that we might have chosen them before we came into the body, to help us to learn our life lessons.

Imagine that you came into this life with the intention of learning how to be loving, kind and compassionate. If you chose two parents with those qualities, you might well grow up with those similar traits. But would you recognise that, or would it just be ‘the norm’, therefore no lesson learnt?

Supposing, on the other hand, that you asked for one (or even both) of your parents, at the soul level, to be critical, unkind and not showing you love? It wouldn’t be an easy childhood and you might suffer greatly through that lack of loving kindness.

As a result, once you became an adult, you might make the choice to show kindness and compassion to your friends and colleagues, or you might take up a career where you help others who were lacking in love in their childhood.

And if you have your own children, might you not be determined to be a more loving, kind and supportive parent than your own parents were?

When we take that path, then we can be assured that we can put a big tick in the box next to that particular life lesson!

Imagine if you could discover why your mother or father didn’t meet your expectations when you were younger – perhaps criticised you or even badly mistreated you. Having that knowledge brings understanding and even forgiveness.

5. Overcome a fear or phobia that is blighting your life

Fear in any form holds us back, (with the exception of hot flames, lions and tigers or busy main roads etc). It can blight our lives and restrict our ability to live in the present and to learn our life lessons. As we get older, unresolved fears get bigger and increasingly life-limiting.

The root cause of the fear may be within our current incarnation or may originate from a past life.

When doing QHHT, by creating a goal or intention to overcome a specific fear or phobia, the client is shown an experience that gives insight into where, when and how it began. This insight in itself is usually sufficient to clear the fear completely and permanently, but with the added wisdom and healing from the higher self, the results are compounded and the client experiences immediate relief.

6. Get a complete body scan and the opportunity to receive powerful healing

Towards the end of the QHHT session, the therapist will always ask the higher self to do a scan of the client’s body and report what shows up. This can take a few minutes, with the higher self explaining what they are finding as they do the scan.

The therapist may well ask what is the emotional cause of any dis-ease which shows up and requests that the higher self gives healing. Almost always, the answer is yes. The therapist will then ask about the degree of healing (partial or total), whether it will be instantaneous or gradual and the time it will take for the effects to be felt.

As the healing is given, the client often later reports a variety of unexpected sensations.

Why might the healer self say no to healing?

If the client had pre-determined they would have a serious illness or disability, in order to learn a life lesson or to repay karma, then sometimes the higher self will say that it’s not appropriate for them to give healing, as they will never interfere with our learning. In that case, the therapist can ask further questions, such as ‘What more does the client need to do or learn before healing can be given?’

For my part, I will suggest to the higher self that the client has already suffered greatly and request that some partial healing or pain relief be given, and very often this request is granted.

The importance of the client’s belief about healing

For those clients who choose to believe in and fully accept the healing, the outcome will be much more positive.

For those who finish the session and question whether they ‘made it all up’ and are consequently dubious about the apparent healing, then it is likely that they won’t experience the benefits. Intention is key, as is demonstrated by quantum physicists when describing the quantum field.

The bonus reasons:

  • The opportunity to find out what it is that is causing you to feel blocked and unable to move forward.
  • Find out how many incarnations you’ve had, and if always in human or other forms.
  • Ask for guidance on career choices or best locations to move to.

If you choose to have a QHHT session, here’s some advice:

  • Go into the session with the intention of being curious about what you will learn.
  • Give yourself permission to use your imagination throughout the experience, to avoid ‘conscious mind’ interference.
  • Be open to whatever experience you are shown and accept it as reality, and not just 'some story' you made up.
  • When you are given healing, believe it is happening and be open to accepting it without questioning whether or not it is the real deal.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author. All articles published on Hypnotherapy Directory are reviewed by our editorial team.

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Templecombe, Somerset, BA8 0ET
Written by Niki Cassar, DCH DHP MPLTA SQHP
Templecombe, Somerset, BA8 0ET

Niki Cassar has been working as a full-time hypnotherapist and past life regressionist for the past 23 years, with much of her training done in the USA. She strongly believes that we are all shaped by our past, and only by accessing and neutralising out-of-date information in the subconscious mind can we resolve the issues that cause us problems.

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