Susan Worth - MBACP, Dip HHP, ACTH, ACCYP, Dip Counsel, HypnoBirthing, Reiki 2

Susan Worth - MBACP, Dip HHP, ACTH, ACCYP, Dip Counsel, HypnoBirthing, Reiki 2

Horwich, Bolton
Greater Manchester

0770 7641051

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About me

I'm Sue Worth, a therapist since 1998. I offer a relaxing and non-judgmental approach where you can be at ease.

My passion is for the motivation, development and success of people of all ages. I find hypnotherapy to be exceptionally good at ridding people of anxieties, phobias, depression and other psychological complaints. I have helped many people with addictions e.g alcoholism, smoking, drug abuse, people with low self confidence/self esteem and weight loss therapy tailored to suit you including Gastric Band Hypnosis.

I also have extensive experience in working with  young people. Problems for many young people include, OCD, anxieties and worries, fears, sleep difficulties, bullying, low confidence and self esteem, exam nerves, panic attacks, self harm.

I am fully trained as a Hypnobirthing Practitioner, HypnoBirthing is a complete birth education programme, where I teach simple but specific self hypnosis, relaxation and breathing techniques for a better birth to groups or individual couples.

Because hypnotherapy gets to the root cause of problems it is the most effective therapy I have come across.

In addition I have a qualification in Second Degree Usui Reiki, an ancient form of healing Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of healing and self-improvement which can be effective in helping virtually every known illness which works very well in conjunction with hypnosis

Being a member of The British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy I am bound by its Ethical Framework for good practice.

Almost every client reports improvements after their first session, whatever the problem.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with your enquiry . / 07707641051

Training, qualifications & experience

  • MBACP – Member of British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy
  • Dip Counsel – Diploma in Counselling
  • Dip HHP – Diploma in Hypnotherapy & Hypno-psychotherapy (The National College of Hypnosis & Psychotherapy)
  • ACTH – Advanced Certificate in Therapeutic Hypnosis
  • ACCYP – Advanced Certificate in Counselling Young People
  • EFT Practitioner - Emotional Freedom Technique
  • HypnoBirthing Practitioner
  • IEMT Practitioner - Integral Eye Movement Technique
  • Reiki Two Practitioner - a simple, natural and safe method of healing
  • BA-CYS – Bachelor of Arts in Community and Youth Studies
  • Over 18 years experience working with children, young people & adults
  • Full professional indemnity insurance
  • CRB checked
  • Committed to ongoing professional development

Areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

        * If you have been diagnosed or suspect you may have one of the medical conditions starred above, you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies or treatments.

        Other areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

        I am fully trained in complementary techniques achieving outstanding quick results:
        Integral Eye Movement Technique,
        Emotional Freedom Technique
        HypnoBirthing practitioner- anti natal classes - Mongan Method. Please contact for details

        Other Areas I treat:
        Gastric Band Hypnotherapy
        Survivors of childhood trauma
        Breaking Habbits
        Driving / test
        Jealousy / Trust Issues
        Low Self Esteem
        Low Confidence
        Phobias; Dentist - Flying - Driving - Bridges - Swimming, etc, etc
        achieving goals
        sports enhancement
        This list is not exhaustive, please contact me for a no obligation chat regarding your problem


        Hypnotherapy - £50.00 per session (upto 90 mins)

        HypnoBirthing - 4 sessions per couple £250.00 group sessions, private 1-1 couple £350.00

        Reiki - £25 per 30 min session

        Free parking available

        Further information

        • Worththerapy is set in tranquil countryside with views over Rivington and the moors, you will be offered a personal professional service. Please see

        Recent testimonials: Updated June 19:

        • I came to you because I’d been considering giving up drink for a few months, I came and went through the session and to be honest was thinking “this is a load of rubbish !” I went home and would usually end the night with a drink, I never even thought of it! Carried on thinking I’ll have one in a bit, never even crossed my mind to have one. I’ve been drinking for years, now I’ve not touched a drop for 16 weeks! No willpower needed! I’m absolutely amazed. I’ve had a few big celebrations in this time and never even considered a drink even when socialising. Sue you can give anyone my number and I’ll let them know how great this is, I’ve lost weight and feel better all round. Thanks so much. Paul
        • Since meeting Sue I feel so much more like myself, having confidence to do simple tasks and not feel like a bag of nerves gives me so much joy and I’m so grateful that I’ve had the privilege of her help. Truly amazing what two sessions can do! Thank you for all your help x
        • I have been struggling for some time with social anxiety. Parties were a nightmare for me, I'd sit frozen with anxiety unable to eat and enjoy myself. I physically didn't know what to do with myself so I emailed Sue for help. Sue is such a lovely lady, very gifted and I highly recommend her. She made me feel at ease and very comfortable during our session. I feel really good about myself so I just want to thank Sue for taking the time to help me.
          Thanks Amanda.
        • Hi Sue I thought I’d e mail a little update. I am thrilled to let you know that I’ve not had a cigarette and am not missing it one bit. Not using e cigs either so I’m nicotine free which is great news.

        • Hi Sue thank you for your  support & understanding. You are amazing & so professional in what you do to help people.

        • Thank you very much, your a special lady and touch so many people and help them, means alot to us all
        • Hypnobirthing:   Hi Sue, think you hypno birthing session worked a treat...look who was born this morning at 8.10am! Nyle Rueben, 7ib 7. I literally started having contractions straight after our session. Amazing! It helped so much. Thank you. Xxx
        • Sue I can't believe what you have done for me........ still not had a drink, and be honest not even tempted . Thank you
        • Hi sue or should I say superstar!!!
          I am still buzzing from our success last week and basked in the glory over the weekend, 
          Can't thank you enough, you know that though, I feel so relieved that I did it without getting overly stressed, I didn't really get edgy at all and my heart rate was low throughout. Thank you K

        • When I first started the sessions with Sue, I was feeling extremely anxious. The feelings were horrible and I could not see a way out. In the sessions, we worked through various techniques to help me cope with the thoughts and feelings I was having. The good news is that now I feel so much better and I’m enjoying life much more! Thank you Sue xx
        • Sue I can honestly say I can't thank you enough it's been months since I felt like this I  had my music on again and enjoyed it . I owe you big time xxx TH
        • Sue just letting you know I feel fantastic after our session its superb what you've done and i'm going to speak to my GP about coming off Antidepressants.  Definitely made a huge step. Speak soon and thanks again. B
        • Hello, as promised Sue i'm contacting you one month after my session with you for weight loss. Just wanted to let you know I got on the scales this morning and I've lost 13 pounds!!! Can't believe it my eating has changed so much - healthy choices and no pigging out! you must be a miracle worker!! So grateful to you. thank you so much. SA
        • Hi Sue after two sessions with you I am still a non smoker, I am so pleased with myself, I am doing amazingly well! thank you so so much you are an absolute star you are absolutely amazing. Thank you so so much. AD
        • This is just a note to express my thanks. I have just finished seeing Sue and wanted to say that the sessions have really helped me understand how to deal with my past trauma. Sue was very helpful and compassionate and helped me feel more confident about how to deal with my problems. She also taught me the skills to disregard any emotions linked to past trauma effectively and I am very grateful for the support, without which I would not have been able to move forward. If ever I have further problems, Sue would be the first port of contact and would highly recommend her services. F McCaffery
        • Hi Sue I contacted you as I developed a phobia against riding horses of which I have done all my life, i was constantly worried and felt sick. Reporting back; i have had just one session with you and today i rode, didn't feel anything stressy, i cantered, all well no negative thoughts at all, i know its early days so i will come to see you again as i'm very impressed. happy me P.
        • Sue I came to see you last May. I had two sessions with you for my anxiety. It was so helpful and I honestly consider myself a completely different person to who I was last May, you helped a lot with that and I'm currently applying for a job in the states. Laura
        • Hi Sue, After coming to your sessions with issues with my confidence i must say i feel absolutely fantastic now and its all down to coming to see you. I now feel confident at all times and i can only thank you so much, thanks again. Chris
        • After having an eating disorder for 27 years I've tried many different approaches to overcome. After just one session with you I felt this was going to be different. Your approach is different to what everyone else has ever tried it is the only thing that has helped me feel ready to loosen the grip. Thank you so much BJ.
        • Sue, Just to say thank you so much for all the help you gave Hannah to prepare for her exams. you saw how anxious and nervous she was on her first visit and how she improved on subsequent visits. she has just had her results and I am really delighted to tell you that she got 4A* in the subjects that she wants to do at A level and 3 more A's in total she got 10 GCSE's which we wouldn't dare to hope for before your intervention. you have done a great job and helped Hannah to achieve great results and to plan for a brilliant future.
        • Susan having anxiety I was hesitant really to have Reiki with Hypnosis as I had Reiki years ago and to be honest didn't really rate it at all. Anyway I thought lets give it a try; Oh my goodness I have never felt as relaxed, and i could feel all the energy from my body. I thought what's happening? when i came 'awake' I was absolutely buzzing, what a fantastic experience, I would recommend to try Reiki with hypnosis, I can't wait to have it again. Susan you are really gifted, you should be on stage! Thank you very much. see you soon. JT
        • Hello, Sue.
          I have now fallen asleep quickly each night for the last week. I am very grateful for your help and if/when the problem occurs again, I will definitely come back to see you. I am continuing with those techniques you taught me. Thank you so much for your help.
          Kind regards, Carol
        • Sue my life has changed so much since having therapy with you, I was diagnosed with anorexia years ago and it consumed and controlled my life, now i feel in control I have maintained a healthy weight for months and regained confidence in myself. Thanks for every thing. AP
        • After finally finding the strength to deal with both my drug issues and depression; Susan guided me through 15 years of darkness and out the other side. She is a credit to her profession. David 28
        • Morning Sue, Just thought i'd touch base with you after our last session i'm feeling amazingly calm and no pangs about surgery on Thursday so that's a fantastic result. i'll let you know how it goes. Thank you so much for your help. CH
        • After my two sessions with you I stopped smoking and feel great....almost forgot that I ever did! Still feel positive and had no anxiety. Thank you so much Sue. HP a smoker for over 30 years.
        • susan I have to tell you that after my last session with you I experienced a feeling of total physical and emotional relaxation. I have had hypnotherapy with you before, this time combined Reiki with hypnosis was on another level. I absolutely recommend Reiki with hypnosis to anyone! especially for anyone who may have any fear of hypnosis it is such a lovely transition into hypnosis, I had such a feeling of inner peace and total relaxation, and as always I have the desired results. thanks so much, i'd say my life has changed so much for the better. HF
        • Hi Susan, Being 18 with anxiety and depression is hard to deal with, but after having 5 sessions, myself and others others are noticing a positive change and I am feeling a lot better about myself, I am leaving the house and interacting with friends and family more. So this is a big thanks! AH
        • I had to stop smoking for medication reasons, my daughter was with me at the time so I couldn't get out if it. I thought I could manage to do it on my own but when I started to rummage through the bin I realised that I had a problem, 2 sessions and 6 weeks cig free....feel and look fab...Thank you Susan it has been the easiest transition after 33 years of smoking. PM
        • Hi Sue Just to let you know my daughter used your techniques during her exams, got results 2As, 4Bs, 3Cs. Thanks for all your help and getting her to cope. From us all x
        • Hey Super Sue, just to let you know my fantastic niece is celebrating today bolstered and empowered by the confidence, commitment and self belief you instilled during your sessions with her. she has achieved all A grades so far with 2 A* results as well in her mock exams. she says they are the best exam results she has ever had and she says she wouldn't have achieved them without you, she says she felt a bit edgy but nothing like before. To quote she is 'buzzing'. Thank you so much, well done you on a brilliant result and a superbly timely intervention, i'm so pleased as is my niece and her parents are delighted
        • Hi Sue I would love for you to put on your website how helpful you have been. I had been suffering from extreme jealousy and from your hypno it seems to have gone. I can't quite believe it myself. Thankyou LC x
        • hi. I came to see susan worth as 3 years previous I had surgery to have a gastric sleeve, this was successful and I lost weight, however over the last 6 months my weight loss stopped and I I was eating so much food I honestly felt the sleeve had stretched.
        • feeling skeptical, my last resort was hypnosis, the sensation I can't even begin to describe, the result is I have lost 8lb already and is ongoing, I can honestly say I have absolutely no interest in food, where as before It was my first thought in a morning, it's just not the be all and end all, I now simply eat when I need to, this is absolutely great. Thank you Susan - NK
        • Hi Susan   Having suffered weight issues throughout my life i decided to try hypnosis as a last resort, after just one session I couldn't believe the difference, the result was instantaneous. As a previous skeptic of hypnosis I can honestly say I am now a convert. The gastric band hypnosis is honestly a must have for anyone with weight, food or diet issues, I now see food as something I need not something I want/crave to make me happy, I have successfully lost weight through hypnosis and would recommend Susan Worth to anyone male or female who has struggled with weight.   Thanks Pam
        • Hi Sue   I wanted to let you know I've just been away on holiday and i'm still losing the weight! I'm really glad I found you.   BS
        • Hi Susan   I just wanted to ask you, what did happen ? because I am a lot better, its just wonderful, on the whole its brilliant I am a lot lot better!! I will come and see you again you are just brilliant, thank you! I absolutely recommend you to anyone who is experiencing emotional difficulties of any kind. I'm just so glad I came to see you thank you so much.   Jane
        • Hi Susan   I have found the hypnosis amazing. The experience is one not to be missed. I would have had hypnosis years ago if I had only known the benefits sooner. The true effect came about after the third session, it finalised the situation I was struggling with. 43 days later my old outdated habit has disappeared into thin air. You also helped my daughter which I feel delighted about, and I cannot thank you enough.

                I would not hesitate to come and see you again if i needed to. I would recommend you highly to               anyone that may be interested in hypnotherapy.

        • Thank you Susan you're fantastic! I was offered some extra work but was very worried and it was holding me back, I had to use the computer and am not confident with technology. I contacted Susan Worth, who I know has helped so many people overcome phobias and lots of problems, and yes she didn't disappoint, Susan did a technique with me, n wow I felt calm immediately, and I now have that technique to help me whenever I feel I need it. I definitely recommend you to anyone. (JanT)
        • Susan thank you. it genuinely worked but I don't know how?(CB
        • Sue ever since my session my anxiety has more or less disappeared, so thank you, its brill. (ST)
        • Sue you gave me a good boost yesterday loads of thanks, you're brilliant. (EG)
        • susan I said I would get back to you and I have! its been six months and I have lost 26lb easily, naturally and effectively - just like you said I would. Its great, thank you and I feel certain I won't ever put the weight back on, I use those 'tools' you gave me a lot. kelly M
        • HypnoBirthing:   Sue I can't tell you the difference in this birth, I was in full control and my baby is so calm and beautiful, I can't thank you enough. (VW)
        Horwich, Bolton, BL6

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        I am available for early evening and evening appointments throughout the week, plus Saturday's.