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Breakup | Anxiety | Panic| PTSD |Abuse | Inner Child Therapy
Available for new clients
Available for new clients

This professional is available for new clients.

London N1 & W1G
Available for new clients
Available for new clients

This professional is available for new clients.

About me

  • Do you want to heal a breakup, burnout or childhood trauma?
  • Are you anxious, depressed or experiencing panic attacks or flashbacks? 
  • Are you exhausted by needing to be perfect and achieving forever more?

I'm an experienced Hypnotherapist, Coach, and Internal Family Systems Therapist and I help you get to the root of your symptoms, release emotional burdens and clear hidden blocks, heal childhood wounds and trauma and reprogram limiting beliefs.

Client benefits and results

I help clients feel more confident, and reduce anxiety, clear depression, pain, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, grief, and addiction. I help them improve relationships and communication and gain clarity, self-compassion, self-expression and find love. 

How I work

95% of what you do and think is driven by your subconscious mind and programmed by early childhood and difficult memories. This means you are likely unaware of the origin of repeating patterns or limiting beliefs. 

The pre-talk in each session will guide you to feel so you can heal, which primes your subconscious. I may guide you through some breathing and visualisation exercises, and then help you connect with whatever thought, image or feeling arises so we can dialogue with it. 

I will ask powerful questions to help you bypass the analytical mind to access deep-rooted fears, habits, phobias and trauma to help you reprogram outdated coping strategies. 

Shadow Work, Inner Child Healing and Parts Therapy

This focused shadow work can have fast and profound results as you release repressed emotions. I help your parts and younger selves safely express whatever emotions they could not express. I guide you to lovingly re-parent yourself in this deep cleaning process of your inner system. 

With compassionate enquiry, I guide you to negotiate with your inner critic, people pleaser or anxious parts to develop inner calm and self-leadership.

You will gain deeper self-compassion and learn how to express yourself. So you feel empowered and more confident to set boundaries, speak up and learn to say no.  So you can thrive in life with peace and joy.

What to expect

I offer a free discovery call to assess if we are a good fit to work together.  In our talk, I will recommend a treatment plan, which we will assess every 3 months. All your sessions are self-led so I will guide you but you have to do the work. This includes doing homework in between the sessions to support your progress. 

Research and my client experience validate that the best therapeutic outcome is achieved when you commit to a course of therapy.

This is because one session builds on the next. The more committed and safe you feel coupled with your ability to surrender to the process will positively benefit your outcome. This is why I work with people for 3 to 6 months, or longer if required.

We'll arrange your first session once we agree on how to work together. I will ask you to complete an intake form, which is strictly confidential, before the appointment. This will help me understand your story's key characters, circumstances and challenges.

This combined with what arises in a session will focus our work together. help me target what’s relevant to your intention of our work together.  In the first session, we will discuss your experiences most relevant to your issues, which may be uncovering the root cause of a symptom, limiting beliefs or pattern. 

Client case study 1

From PTSD, panic attacks, pain, depression, anxiety and loneliness to finding love, feeling stronger, confident and earning more. 

Annabel was on antidepressants and tried psychotherapy and EMDR which made her feel worse. She had no awareness of why she suffered pain, panic attacks, anxiety and depression. She said:

"I was going through a lot in my life and couldn’t understand why. I started conventional therapy but it was only bringing back strong negative emotions from a trauma I didn’t know I had but not the root of it so I couldn’t work on it.

During my hypnosis with Nat, I discovered why I was feeling like that. I could see it, and understand how it had affected my life in many areas and I was ready to finally be able to work on it. I was scared at first but working with Nat has been only positive and really easy with her support.

She always makes me feel safe and calm and finishes her sessions in a way that I feel strong not in pain and really sad as I used to finish my conventional therapy sessions. I am incredibly lucky to have crossed paths with Nat as thanks to her hypnosis and coaching I am moving on from my trauma and feeling a lot more confident, strong, balanced, worth it and happy. I feel safe and feel in control of my emotions and past so I can enjoy my present and future."* Annabel

With hypnotherapy, I helped her release childhood trauma and sexual abuse, of which she had no conscious memories. I guided her to release fears, and heal her wounded inner parts. 

In the 6 months we worked together, she started to feel stronger and more confident. I coached her about consent, safely integrating touch and how to set boundaries. And to feel worthy, and ask for what she wants. This landed her a new job with better pay and prospects.  She fulfilled her dream and attracted a loving partner who she happily lives with. Read her full story at

Client Case Study 2

Narcissistic abuse survivor reclaims her power 

Ella came fresh out of a relationship with an abusive narcissist. This triggered childhood trauma she had never dealt with. She found me to heal the heavy burden of a lifetime of physical, emotional and sexual abuse. She was haunted by disturbing dreams and flashbacks.

Surviving stress, anger and near-death for kids and work

Her stress levels were maxed out. She had been running on adrenaline since her breakup. She functioned in survival mode. Three months earlier she nearly died in A&E due to broken bones and infection. Her children and business kept her going day after day.  When provoked she would erupt in angry outbursts. She had forced herself to control them but strongly believed these impulses were rooted in her childhood experiences.

Escaping control, manipulation and molestation

She told me she had been betrayed by everyone she had ever been with. Every person who was meant to look after her, care for or love her had let her down or trampled over her in one way or another.

She had been conditioned to be without boundaries. To accept being controlled, manipulated, bruised, molested and punished with silent treatment. She recognised her pattern of escaping a situation or trauma and starting again with nothing to rebuild her life. 

Trauma therapy with hypnosis and inner child healing

In the five months of working together, Ella healed her inner child wounds, she let go of emotional burdens and energy that did not belong in her system. She reclaimed parts of her soul that had been frozen in traumatic events.

She learned to re-parent her younger selves. Giving them the love, care and trust that she never experienced. She visited traumatic memories to heal them and rewrite her story. This enabled her to find inner peace and create a safer inner world, stopping recurring dreams and flashbacks.

Feeling upgraded, empowered and setting boundaries

After her third session, she gifted me her book. She excitedly told me she felt transformed. Like a new version of Ella 5.0! She noticed she talks and acts differently. Most importantly she is no longer taking people’s sh*t, instead, she is setting boundaries. She has learned to choose her response, rather than being sucked into drama. She messaged me “The immense power that’s come from this breakthrough journey with you that I’m on has been beyond measure. Thank you. I am very, very grateful for you.”

She gains recognition, inner peace and a life in flow

Ella received an industry award recognising her achievements. She has made changes in her business, taking time for self-care, and allowing herself to be and feel at peace. She went on a holiday solo for the first time ever to relax, process, integrate and spend quality alone. After each session, she noticed an increased flow in her life; an unexpected inheritance, justice, and reviving processes that lay dormant for months.

No more alcohol or cigarette cravings

Eleven months later she tells me she is in a good place. She no longer smokes cigarettes or craves alcohol. Her body simply does not want it any more. She now looks after herself, her health and fitness by juicing and eating well.

She feels empowered to express her truth and demand justice

She is now passionate about speaking her truth. She is taking her abuser to court to demand justice and protect others. She is utterly committed to standing up for herself. Undeterred by the resistance she has to overcome to do so. This is a testament to her courage and increased sense of self-worth. She is no longer a victim. She has learned to trust herself and her intuition, feeling strong, focused and empowered.

Client case study 3 - NO MORE PAIN OR FEELING STUCK. "I FEEL BETTER, CALMER AND BRAVER. Three-month IFS therapy results:


Dan had finished his degree and was feeling overwhelmed, scared, and not very in control of things, especially his career.

He wanted to connect to his inner wisdom and get back to doing things that served him and his future. To feel lighter in his body and mind.

With hypnotherapy, I guided Dan to let go of unconscious blocks, repressed emotions and fears that were causing him to feel overwhelmed, and scared to make mistakes and fail.

During this process, he gained clarity, deep cleaned and upgraded his personal operating system. Coaching and future visioning exercises enabled him to tune into and act on his intuition and attract a new career opportunity while feeling better.

After 3 months of coaching and hypnotherapy, Dan says he feels better. His sense of wellbeing has increased and he feels more engaged in his career. He has secured an internship and his impulse to procrastinate has reduced


More info about my method at



"Nat van Zee really knows her stuff. Having lived with complex PTSD for a few years now, seeing Nat helped me uncover some really deep-rooted memories of pain that I didn't know were there. Her open-heartedness, intuition and compassion made me feel completely safe and nurtured, enabling me to freely release what I had been holding onto for so long. It's rare to find someone you can be unashamedly yourself with and let it all out, which is how true healing happens." Carolina 


This is my 2nd treatment with Nat and both have been hugely transformational and I can’t recommend highly enough. In my 1st session I was actually able to see my unhappy marriage through a completely different lens. It resulted in me separating from that toxic relationship as I finally realised I was also blocking his growth, which gave me the realisation that it was totally over.

2 years later, and in a much better place this time we did the internal family systems and again this offered me insight into my current situation from a completely new perspective. I was able to see the suppressed anger that I have been carrying since that relationship ended that I have not really felt free to express.

Nat is a gifted and intuitive healer. She really holds the space amazingly well and is able to offer reflections that you may not be able to pinpoint yourself. She has really supported me on my healing journey and I do not hesitate to give her 5 stars! Tara Rivero Zea


I've had several sessions with Van Zee Being over the past two years. 2 regression sessions and a number of IFS sessions; all of which have been interesting and insightful but the most transformative and profound for me was IFS. Nat holds space in the most supportive and nurturing way and after each session, I feel like we peel back another layer of trauma or conditioning and I'm provided with a fresh perspective and deeper understanding of myself. It has also given me coping strategies and approaches that I have been able to integrate into my life on a daily basis so I can see real and effective change. The sessions have made me feel more empowered, connected and capable. I would highly recommend her services as both a coach and alternative therapist. Adele


“The interview alone was like gold. Healing limiting beliefs, inner child and family wounds means I am responding to life better, feeling love for myself & others, and a sense of peace. My power is back." Jana 


"It was life-changing, empowering, and deeply personal. My situation was reframed in a way I could no longer ignore. I have made huge changes since." Tara 


Being quite a logical and analytical person I have always been a little apprehensive about being hypnotised. I always had this idea in my mind that hypnosis is about someone putting you under some kind of spell and taking control of your mind and making you do all sorts of strange things that you wouldn’t normally do. I am pleased to say that this is nothing like that at all. 

Hypnosis is simply a way to put you in a calm, relaxed state where you are completely conscious. With full awareness, you are able to let go of your rational mind and allow your subconscious mind to give you insights and answers you are seeking. 

It’s like you can access your own wealth of inner knowledge – things you always knew on some level but couldn’t quite put your finger on and couldn’t fully piece together. It’s like getting to know your own mind on a deeper level and in a more complete way.

People seek healing for different reasons. For me, I wasn’t depressed or having a nervous breakdown or in a dire situation. In fact, on the surface everything was working well enough in my life – I had a stable job that paid reasonably well and wasn’t overly stressful, and I had enough time and money to do hobbies and social activities. 

But I still felt empty and a little lost with the sense that my life was lacking real meaning. So I would say that despite everything I was unhappy but I didn’t know why. I was starting to question everything about my life, like what is the point of my life? And why am I here? 

Nat helped me get in touch with my inner guidance to help me find the answers I was seeking. She puts you in a beautiful space emotionally and mentally where you feel supported and held and open to all possibilities. And then you are taken on a journey through the key milestones in your life – some of them quite painful. 

In this way, Nat helped me come to terms with my experiences, especially the painful ones. It helped me reframe what happened to me – I wouldn’t say everything was reframed as a positive, but as a necessary step to get me to the point I am today. 

I felt such a sense of peace and acceptance in that because I saw that everything I have experienced is part of my life’s journey and the lessons I was meant to learn along the way. 
It helped me let go of resentment, anger and the feeling that certain people in my life had wronged me in some way. With this comes such a sense of freedom to create any future that your heart desires.

I also especially liked that Nat shared the recording of the hypnotherapy session with you so you can access it again in your own time, and go back into that beautiful hypnotic state to get further insights. Stephanie Yow, Data Analyst


Training, qualifications & experience

Best Trauma Recovery Hypnotherapy & Coaching East England. GHP Mental Health Awards 2024

  • Inner Child Therapy 
  • Internal Family Systems
  • Introspective Hypnosis
  • Past Life Therapy
  • Quantum Hypno Healing Technique
  • Hypno Family & Systemic Constellations
  • Reiki 1 & 2 

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  • trauma recovery*
  • sexual abuse and molestation
  • integrative healing techniques

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Nat Van Zee
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