Unlocking the power of the subconscious

We know that hypnotherapy works. It can help people to break bad habits, and to form new, positive ones as well as helping to restore a healthy balance in a busy, stressful world. Because it can do all these things it seems miraculous and, in a way, it is. People are naturally curious, though, as to how it can be so powerful. 

When you think about it, how often do you have to remind yourself to breathe, actively ensure your heart continues to beat or tell your individual muscles how to move when you want to, say, lift your arm or go for a walk? Of course, you don’t ever have to do that, but it all carries on working anyway. This is because the subconscious, (often referred to as the subconscious mind), looks after all of those fundamental tasks for you. 

Perhaps we could think of the subconscious as an extremely talented project manager that keeps everything ticking over nicely while we focus our attention on a myriad of other things. It just gets on with its job without having to be reminded, constantly. Occasionally, as with any good project manager, the subconscious may need additional direction in order to make changes. All of those fundamental actions continue to take place while the subconscious is addressed directly, and hypnotherapy is the means of doing this. 

A skilled hypnotherapist will use the most effective method to help their client achieve a state of deep relaxation, which is when the ‘chatter’ of the conscious mind is quietened sufficiently to allow access to the subconscious. Remembering that the subconscious can, and does, instruct the body to carry out an immeasurable number of intricate tasks simultaneously, it is important not to underestimate its power. In fact, it’s worth taking a moment to consider exactly what’s going on with you right at this moment. You’re reading this, for a start, so your eyes are taking in the information that is then decoded by your brain and translated into a form that makes sense to you. At the same time, you may be sitting down and slightly changing your position to ensure your comfort. Your brain is also sending messages to your muscles, to help you change position or even to remain in a sitting position. Your heart is pumping to enable your blood to continue to travel around your cardiovascular system, ensuring you are receiving oxygen wherever it is needed. Your lungs are taking in air in order to receive that oxygen as well as expelling carbon dioxide. You may be alerted to sounds and need to make a snap decision as to whether or not you need to take action as a result (the ringing of a phone or doorbell, for example). This is only scratching the surface, but it illustrates just how much is really going on at any given time and that the full extent of that activity is probably beyond our comprehension. 

Now, just remember that your subconscious is overseeing all of this. So its capabilities really are beyond our wildest dreams; more power than we can possibly imagine. It’s only really when we appreciate just how powerful the subconscious actually is, that we can resist any temptation to make assumptions about its limitations, and that’s when we can unlock its power to make positive changes. This is why a skilled and experienced hypnotherapist can recognise that appropriate suggestions can be made to the subconscious, in much the same way that an instruction can be given to an efficient project manager. Provided the appropriate language, unique to the hypnotherapy client’s situation, is used the desired, permanent results can be achieved easily and comfortably. Provided the hypnotherapist has the appropriate skills and experience, and the client is aware of the power of their own subconscious, life-changing results can be achieved in as little as an hour. 

When we consider the incredible power and complexity of the subconscious, it’s easy to see how adding one simple instruction can result in huge, positive changes.

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