Unexplained infertility and how hypnosis can help

Having been to the doctors and had batteries of tests for you and your partner, you receive the news that physically, there is no reason why you can't fall pregnant... Devastating? Maybe not!

It just means that you haven't fallen pregnant yet!

For anyone who knows a little about hypnotherapy, understands that our subconscious is in effect our "health and safety team" - its what gives us the fight or flight response. So what if your subconscious is "protecting" you from falling pregnant? Sound unlikely? Let's have a look at what might be holding you up.

Have you heard other mothers talk about their "painful scary birth" experiences? Did you wince even a little at anything they said? Anything you react to in this way could trigger the subconscious mind to take steps to prevent you being "hurt" by labour. It doesn't distinguish between "positive pain" where you come through it and have a child and pain from say, an accident.

Do you feel worthy of becoming a parent? If you feel unworthy or incapable of providing a good home/being a good parent for what ever reason no matter how untrue. Your subconscious will protect you from that eventuality.

Have you been in a violent or abusive relationship? Is your subconscious protecting you and your future child from the past?

Do you feel guilty about anything? Guilt is an awful emotion which holds us back from happiness in general.

There are many more possible subconscious triggers that could be causing you to find falling pregnant difficult. Dealing with these issues could be the step forward you need to become a parent!

Hypnotherapy can help with these possible blocks through dealing with the causes of them in your subconscious, by speaking directly to the subconscious a hypnotherapist can help you put the record straight about "positive pain" and the rewards being a parent can bring, if there are any blocks which have been buried a hypnotherapist can safely unblock them while reassuring your subconscious that what ever happened is in the past and its now time to let go of that problem/issue. It's best to note here that a client needs to be completely honest and ready to work on what could be upsetting but ultimately past events causing problems with your fertility.

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