Thinking of trying hypnotherapy?

Nearly every person I’ve spoken to about hypnotherapy think it’s just like those stage hypnotists they see on television or at their local theatre.

What they don’t realise is that the people who are up there being made to do silly things for our entertainment are actually chosen because they are easy to manipulate and this is worked out before the show begins. The important thing to note here is no one can be made to do something they don’t want to do while under hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy is not a way of controlling another person against their will; in fact, the opposite is true. A person undergoing hypnotherapy can stop the session anytime they like and if the client isn’t really committed to having hypnotherapy they will not get any benefit from the session and in some cases, they will not be able to relax enough to allow the therapist to do their work. The client in many ways is very much in control of the whole session and it’s the hypnotherapist’s job to guide them through the treatment and make those suggestions in order to make the changes the client is looking for i.e. ridding them of their fear of flying, stopping their unwanted habits, giving them back their self-confidence.

Hypnotherapy is very much a two-way therapy and can only work if therapist and client have a rapport, so it’s important to find the right therapist for you. Like most choices we make its advisable to check out your chosen therapist to make sure they are the best person to deal with your problems and to find out if you like this particular person.

You wouldn’t choose to go to a shop which gives bad service and you wouldn’t pay good money to have your home decorated by someone who comes with no recommendations or who are not qualified to do the job you want to be done, so why choose the first hypnotherapist you come across? Try and find out a little about them, do they belong to a professional body, read their website including their reviews and if possible talk to someone who has visited the hypnotherapist in question and when your happy with the knowledge you have gained call the therapist and have an informal chat, most hypnotherapists will talk to you over the phone in order to answer any questions you may have regarding treatment and fees etc.

Once you have decided to book your treatment you’ll probably be asked to attend a consultation, where you will fill in a consultation form and have a more in-depth chat about the reason for your wanting hypnotherapy.

You will then make an appointment for your first session. There is no real rule as to how many sessions you may need for your particular problem, but the therapist should have an idea of how many sessions they think it will take to cure or manage the condition or disorder.

Hypnotherapy is a pleasant form of treatment, it’s gentle, relaxing and calming and some people even report they feel great after their treatment in other ways as well as feeling better about the problem they are being treated for.

Hypnotherapy takes you into a state of total relaxation, it brings you to the brink of sleep without actually tipping you over into proper sleep, it’s the feeling you have when your dozing and although your aware of everything going on around you, you just can’t be bothered about it, you could open your eyes, but you really don’t want to, you feel so warm, relaxed and secure that you just want to sit or lay there and take on board what the hypnotherapist is telling you.

So if you have been thinking of trying hypnotherapy for whatever reason then I hope this article as made you want to investigate hypnotherapy a little more and maybe even start your hypnotherapy journey.

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All therapists are verified professionals