The power of self-hypnosis

The funny thing about hypnosis is that we slip in and out of it all day long, often without realising it. I introduce new clients to the concept of hypnotic trance by asking them about driving. Have they ever driven somewhere and not noticed how they got there? Have they drifted off along a train of thought, completely losing themselves in what might be? This type of focused attention is what we mean by a hypnotic trance.

This is such a powerful experience that we can all learn how to use it to our advantage. This happens when we combine the natural state of hypnosis, or trance, with the power of suggestion. This is not the suggestion to run around the room and cluck like a chicken, only stage hypnotists would do that. It is the suggestion to your unconscious mind to let go of whatever habit, behaviour or thought that is holding you back. I may talk about how you "no longer need to smoke..." or how "with each breath you will feel more and more confident".

Self-hypnosis is a highly effective way of bringing about change at your own convenience. It can be used anywhere, at any time (though please don't drive whilst practicing it.) There are a number of simple techniques that can become very powerful the more you do them.

If you suffer from stress and find that there are times when the worry and anxiety feels too much, try this quick and easy to learn technique.

Find a quiet and comfortable space where you can concentrate without any distractions. Sit or lie down, and close your eyes. Begin to notice your breathing; you can allow yourself to breathe just as slowly, just as deeply as you’re comfortable with.

Each time that you breathe out, I’d like you to repeat the word “calm” silently in your mind...



Repeating it as a sound, not giving it any meaning, just silently repeating it in your mind, each time you breathe out. 

Gradually your our whole mind and body will become more calm, more comfortable, until gradually the sound of calm will fade from your mind. When this happens, you can gently bring it back and keep repeating it until the time comes when you are so relaxed you can't be bothered to bring it back. At this point, just let it go and enjoy the feeling of relaxation throughout your body.

You can make this even more powerful bringing your own suggestions in. Try writing down your goals before hand. You may want to have more patience with the children or be able to cope with that difficult colleague at work. Use the power of your imagination to see yourself coping with these situations as you practice feeling and being calm. Really picture in your head the new, calmer, stress free you who can deal with anything and make the suggestion your new reality.

Self-hypnosis is such a wonderful and effective way of taking control of your problems. Just keep practicing it until it becomes natural and easy, and enjoy the benefits.

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Orpington, Kent, BR6

Written by Linda Mortimer

Orpington, Kent, BR6

I have a degree in psychology, worked for many years in mental health, research and teaching. The main focus of any role has been to help people become all that they can be. Training in hypnotherapy means that I can now help people in a therapeutic setting, to tackle the problems that may be preventing them from living a happy and fulfilled life.

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