Secret therapy (Content free regression)

Do you ever find that yourself repeating the same patterns? Have you got stuck in a rut, or just wish you didn't feel the way you did? Do you spend alone-time with your head down and just ploughing on to the perceived future? Perhaps you know something's deeply wrong inside; you've lost you sparkle for life but you just don't know where to start.

Well, like any journey, it starts with a single step. This can be initially recognising that you require change in your life; the question is, how does this change come about? How do we rectify the problems when you seem at a loss to start? Or maybe you know the cause of the problem, and it's too traumatic to face. This is where Secret therapy (Content free regression) can be the answer. It starts once you've discussed the case history with your therapist and built up resources to allow regression to take place. Then, the therapist may regress you to the initial sensitising event (ISE). This can be the primary event, that still has negative emotion attached to it that is unprocessed (the therapist may allow your mind to choose were it takes you back to).

If there are many events you may be taken back to secondary sensitising events (SSE) and work backwards. Now, imagine that your stress/anxiety level is the surface of lake, and just below the surface are these structures (ISE,SSE). The slightest bit of stress allows these to break through the surface of the lake (Conscious mind awareness). Now, imagine going back to each one in turn and removing the scaffold supporting the crumbling structures; this will allow them to fall under their own weight and disappear into a pile of rubble on the bed of the lake. Now, the scaffold is the emotion attached to the event and the structure is the event itself; once you've processed the emotion, it will have less effect on your conscious mind awareness.

The premise of Secret therapy is to achieve this, but unlike conventional regression you don't have to verbalise or externalise the traumatic event. Hence the process is done internally, and is less traumatic to the client. It means that you don't have to share your darkest traumas and give them more strength in doing so.

The key things with Secret therapy are the powerful changes it can bring. Once it has be done on one event it can be like a domino effect and weaken or loosen the scaffold on the other events. It can allow issues that have been carried for years to fade away, and the negative effect they had to go.

So why not be the architect of your own future and change the internal landscape of your past!

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