Past life regression experiences

Past life regression is where you are guided on a journey to find one or more of your past lives whilst under hypnosis.


An experienced therapist will carefully ask open questions, ensuring that they do not create false memories. You still have free will whilst in hypnosis and cannot be made to do anything that you do not choose to. Hypnosis is a natural and relaxed state, like daydreaming, where the subconscious mind is accessed.

It is believed that past-life memories can be recalled under hypnosis. These past life memories could be from actual past lives themselves, ancestral memories that are passed from generation to generation in our DNA, or they could be stories or metaphors that our subconscious mind provides us with to learn from. There is no proof, but it is the message and learning from the experience that is the most important aspect.

What is it like?

I explain to clients that thoughts or answers to open-ended questions will pop into their minds when in hypnosis. This is the subconscious mind providing us with what we need to know. How often have we tried to remember the name of something or someone? We think and think about it consciously and just can’t recall it; and then suddenly when we are not thinking about it hours later the name pops into our mind. That is our subconscious mind working in the background and supplying us with the answer. Hypnosis is a way of accessing the subconscious mind and the answers, memories or thoughts are able to pop into our mind.

With past life regression, it is the same – memories, thoughts or answers will appear in our minds. Sometimes they are slow to emerge, so we take a bit more time to get used to the experience first and work at the pace of the client, taking care to guide, rather than giving answers.

What will past life regression feel like?

Past life regression will feel different to each person who encounters it. We are all individuals and we perceive things uniquely to ourselves. Some people are more visual, others more kinaesthetic or auditory. Each past life explored by the same person will also differ significantly and be two (or more) totally separate experiences.

A person who is kinaesthetically dominant may feel sensations of what it is like to be another person, where the physical body is totally different to their own in this lifetime. One of my clients told me that the awareness of how physically large her hands were as a man in her past life really struck her, it felt so different to how her smaller hands usually feel.

Another client had a far more visual experience – seeing herself and her environment around her in detail. Most clients have physical sensations, visual images and powerful emotional recollections too.

When facing events in a past life, emotions can feel immense. This intensity could be due to experiencing these emotions as another person in a past life - making the sensations appear far more powerful than we are used to.

A client explained how the weight of oppression due to race, in the past life visited, was extremely deep and acute. Another client found the feeling of disappointment of not really accomplishing anything at all in one of her past lives was heightened and profound.

Sometimes the intensity of these feelings is hard to put into words.
For others, they may be a bystander watching their past life events, as if standing on the edge of the set of a play that is being acted out. This can be a safer option to the individual and can provide as much insight and wisdom as experiencing it as themself.

An exciting or a mundane experience

We are bombarded with visual imagery by modern-day technology. We have constant sources of entertainment in the palm of our hands – our mobile phones. We have the internet for information about almost anything we desire to search for, we have social media, videos, reels and films and tv programmes we can watch on demand. We have so much that we often forget what it is like to have simplicity without the devices we so heavily rely upon (myself included).

When we journey back to a past life where there are no devices, very little entertainment, very little travel – with people staying within their village for their entire lifetime – it can be quite a daunting and alien experience.

My clients are often surprised at how little seems to happen in their past life experiences where they remain in the same village for their entire lifetime. They find it strange because it is not what we are used to in our current lives.
One client told me he was astounded at how mundane his past life was, where he spent the majority of his time tending to his garden and very little else. He found it almost boring, yet the message and learning that the elderly man shared with him in his past life journey was simple, yet very moving and profound.

The wisdom gleaned from a seemingly monotonous, non-eventful past life encounter can be so enlightening that the lack of action pales into insignificance. It is very unlikely that we were someone famous or royal in a past life given the population size and the number of poorer people of centuries ago. We cannot all have been Elvis, Mary Queen of Scots or Cleopatra after all.

Some clients do have exciting action-filled past life journey experiences, although, in my experience, the majority of clients don’t. Personally, no two clients have had the same or even remotely similar past life encounters in fact. Those who have had exciting events have included world travel (at a time when travel was by boat and took weeks), hiding from witch hunters (due to being female and using herbal remedies to help others in the village) and successfully saving the lives of all of the horses in a stable when a fire broke out.

Do we meet others we know in past life regression?

It is said that we return to this world in soul groups, by those who believe in reincarnation, and our relationship to one another will vary in each lifetime.
A significant proportion of my clients do recognise relatives from their current lifetime when they are exploring one of their past lives. They often do not physically resemble the person in their current life but they are familiar to them. They do say that the eyes are a window to the soul and in this case, it is recognition from looking into their eyes that identifies a familiar person to them.

Interestingly, clients who come to me asking if they were linked to someone in a past life often don’t come across that person at all during their past life journey but do have a meaningful experience with messages for self-discovery.

A profound experience

Whether reincarnation is real or not, whether we have actual genuine past lives or not does not really matter. Everyone is entitled to their own belief system and regression therapists would not seek to change that. If these experiences are metaphors to provide insight then they are extremely powerful and worthwhile.

Whatever happens during a past life regression hypnosis, inner wisdom flows from the subconscious mind and comes from within each individual. What is clear from numerous past life regression sessions, and as an advanced past life regression therapist, is that it is usually an extremely enlightening experience with knowledge being shared that is often simple yet indisputably profound.
If you would like to experience regression (this lifetime) or past life regression please reach out to me or another qualified therapist.

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Written by Laura Hawkins, Dip. Hyp., Adv.DPLT, DPLT, GQHP, B.Ed. Hons
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