Past life regression

Past life regression is a form of therapy whereby hypnosis is used to heal and resolve past lives. 


The basis for understanding past life therapy is one of a non-linear existence, whereby all timelines are assumed to be existing simultaneously. For example, if you were a watchmaker in a previous life and have found yourself collecting high value and decorative watches in this life.

The echo from your previous life experience could be affecting the choices you are making today. So let's look at this in terms of therapy.

What can past life regression therapy help with?

Let's explore some issues that past life regression therapy can help with.

Weight loss

People that undertake past life regression to resolve overeating may have experienced extreme poverty in the past. Treating themselves to food often just in case it’s not there in future.


Yes, deep-rooted anger can stem from past life experiences, especially when it comes to disliking a specific person for no apparent reason.

Specific places

You may feel drawn to a particular town or country. If you have continuous urges to go to a different country or city, and you have no specific reason to. This could indicate that you have once lived in or experienced a key moment in these places.

A fear of water

This is one of the most common fears that people want to resolve with past life regression therapy. It’s not always a convenience to avoid certain places.

Dreams and night jolts

Often recurring dreams that disturb your sleep are messages from the past. They are easily resolved with the help of past life regression therapy.

The desire or expectation to be famous

Some clients have been a famous or recognised figure in the past. This has sometimes led to them requiring more than a balanced amount of adulation in this life. This can be the root of some anxieties also.

Resolving karma

Many people repeat certain life tests in this lifetime. This can relate to relationships, money and careers. If these repeating tests are acknowledged and resolved properly. e.g. the origins of the behaviour(s) are observed and cleared properly. The karma is then considered transmuted and resolved. This enables the client to live a more liberated and positive life as a result.

Many people believe they have had a completely different life in their previous incarnations. It is not uncommon that people have been both male and female at different points throughout history. Or that they have been a different species altogether. Like a dolphin or even an alien from another world.

Some clients refer to themselves as from the Sirius constellation or that they have been a lion type species, that has existed over millennia. These kinds of regressions normally offer some kind of closure in a way, that maybe they had always felt different or never belonged. A great acceptance can come from this.

These are just a few of the areas whereby past life regression can bring about a more relaxed and meaningful reality for you. Either day to day or relaxing to your goals and aspirations.

Give it a go.

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Written by John Jenkinson, Hypnotherapy | Brightlingsea | Chelmsford
Brightlingsea, Colchester CO7 & Chelmsford CM1

I am a spiritually-minded person, and hypnotherapy has been part of my transition to other work related to hypnotherapy. So past life regression and other alternative therapies are key areas of my work.

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