OldPain2Go: "your health is your wealth"

Wouldn't you rather be fixated on the weather than aches and pains and the weather too?

Imagine old pain could be switched off if the message had been understood and you weren't in any danger anymore. Well, your subconscious can and will release you from that pain if it's redundant and serves no purpose.

Pain is a messenger from the brain to:

  • Take action after an accident or event and prevent further injury.
  • To get care and attention for the injury.
  • To rest and heal.
  • Then the pain eventually goes away.

This is the normal cycle of events when it comes to pain.

Sometimes the pain gets lodged on like a fire alarm ringing where the event is over (the fire has been extinguished). But the pain alarm stays switched on like an annoying alarm bell because you never did some of the above.

Well if you don't take action on any of the above points, the subconscious wants you to know you have to take care of yourself as it's primary function is your protection and survival. So the pain may be left on as a lesson for you to learn from by the subconscious mind.

In recent times OldPain2Go has been developed to switch off the old redundant pain that is no longer relevant when the old injury is healed and you have understood it's intention about self-care. 

Think about it like this - if you had a pain of a score of 7 that was old and redundant you wouldn't be able to feel the new pain of a lower than 7 score. So this could actually be dangerous not knowing about these new alarms of new pain could it not?

This is pretty radical stuff when you think about it but there is plenty of proof out there that this works. There are plenty of case studies to back this up and an abundance of practitioners around the country that work face to face or by Skype.

So what are we talking about here for its uses with pain?

Please note: this list is not exhaustive so please do your own research.

  • Fibromyalgia, ME, CFS.
  • Arthritis pain.
  • Sciatica, bulging discs and trapped nerves.
  • Traumatic pain.
  • Emotional pain.

So in my experience, we Brits talk about two things a lot and they are our aches and pains and the weather. 

So why not just moan about the weather only and make your health your wealth by turning off old pain today?

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Paisley, PA1 3RB
Written by Mark Pettigrew, PSYCH-K Facilitator, NLP Master Prac & Hypnotherapist.
Paisley, PA1 3RB

Mark is an unconscious coach and hypnotherapist who has specialised in OldPain2Go to release people from physical and emotional pain.

He is from Paisley near Glasgow in Scotland.

He works face to face or via skype/facetime with many of his coaching approaches.

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All therapists are verified professionals