Misophonia- sound rage!

Do you get angry if you hear someone chewing or breathing?

Then you could be suffering from misophonia- literally translated as "hatred of sound" and also known as "select sound sensitivity syndrome" or "sound rage" means you literally get triggered by certain sounds.

How can a hypnotherapist help someone suffering with this?

Going over your history can expose the initial sensitising event(s)- perhaps a younger brother or sister took time to learn how to eat with their mouth closed, or maybe had asthma, repetitive exposure to a stimulus like this can cause a sensitivity to the sound.

Using techniques like inner child, a hypnotherapist can speak to your inner child (in this case) and allow you to give your inner child all the knowledge you have acquired since the age of sensitisation to allow you to be unaffected by the sound again.

Should the cause be more difficult to uncover, regression can be used to find the event that triggers the reaction and work with parts therapy to allow your subconscious to have a more positive reaction.

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