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Making changes with a solution focused approach

Change can be challenging and daunting, but also liberating, energising and exciting. We often talk about it in terms of what we don’t want any more e.g. stopping smoking, drinking, procrastinating, or getting away from an undesirable situation, a boring job, an unsatisfying relationship, a lack of motivation etc.

Let's imagine we go down to the local shops with a list of things we don't want: a box of nails, a pet hamster, a lawnmower for example. How likely are we to come home with the things that we actually do want? The chances are slim, negligible even. We've been focusing on what we don't want and this has distracted us from thinking about what we actually do want.

We can apply the same principle to change. When we give our attention to what we don't like in our lives; the things we haven't got; what we're not good at; this takes away valuable energy that we can use much more constructively to think about what we do want, what we do have and what we are good at. Once we've figured those things out, we can start to think of ways to work towards getting what we want, maximising our strengths and using our skills and resources to help us along the way.

The solution focused approach is a powerful method to help us shift our perspective and ways of thinking about our situation. As its title suggests, it concentrates on solutions and ways forward, as opposed to dwelling on our problems. Rather than analysing issues of the past, it has a future orientation, asking questions such as how do you want things to change? What will life be like when things are different and you are where you want to be? Once we imagine how we’d like to change, what our goals are, then we can identify the small steps we can take towards making them a reality and building a positive future.

This solution focused talking therapy in combination with trance or hypnosis is a powerful and effective way to access both the conscious and the unconscious mind, helping us to find creative ways through difficulties and effect positive change.

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Stroud GL5 & Cirencester GL7

Written by Michele Lazarus

Stroud GL5 & Cirencester GL7

Michele Lazarus is a solution focused, clinical hypnotherapist working in Gloucestershire with practices in Stroud and Cirencester. She is also a trained counsellor and has worked with people for over 30 years. Michele is passionate about helping people to get the very best out of their lives.

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