Hypnotherapy for emotional regulation issues

Hypnotherapy is a great tool for working with emotional regulations issues. Emotional regulation issues is a phenomenon that occurs in a wide range of presentations such as borderline personality disorder, trauma and PTSD to name a few. Emotional regulation presents as a person's mood going up and down throughout the day - it usually looks like a mood swing. This can be due to any trigger but more than likely it is due to a person experiencing a negative situation or negative evaluation. The person can present as calm one minute and then very angry the next. A person can also have periods of being very low and then be very happy all of a sudden. I have to add this not like bipolar disorder where the mood is at such an extreme and usually presents with other symptoms (pressure of speech, sometimes psychotic symptoms and flight of ideas). It's important if a person does feel that this is a problem for them they need to be assessed by a medical professional. Hypnotherapy can work with emotional regulation in different ways - I will go through some now:

  • Parts therapy: I have found parts therapy to be an effective intervention when working with emotional regulation issues that the therapist can interact with the part.

  • Self hypnosis: This can be a very useful tool as it can have a tremendous effect of regulating emotion and over time work with brain chemistry.

  • Mindfulness: Even though not it's hypnosis, it is a very effective intervention for working with emotional regulation as it can be used to help build tolerance, and help the person “ride the wave” of the negative feeling.

  • Imagery with hypnotherapy: There are certain imagery based techniques or metaphorical techniques which are very useful in regards to balancing emotions and lowering the intensity. Certain ideas around this would be the use of a balloon on each hand etc. But it is adaptable.

This is a very large area if your interested in reading more around I recommend any book by Marsha Lineham in relation to Dialectic Behavioural Therapy.

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