Hypnotherapy and life coaching working together in harmony

I’m sure all of us at some point in our lives have felt a little lost, whether it is at work, at home, or within our personal relationships. It’s at times like this that self-discovery is key to obtaining a clear focus on the life path ahead, prioritising goals, and understanding personal values, strengths, and weaknesses. 


I am a clinical hypnotherapist and absolutely love my job, in fact, it doesn’t really feel like a job at all. The clients I meet are all amazing and my reward is when a client meets their personal desired goal.

I have recently collaborated with an outstanding life coach and together we have found something rather remarkable, unique, and special. We both believe that hypnotherapy and life coaching work beautifully in harmony together, often allowing the client to reach a peaceful, focused, and balanced outcome,  growing in strength and confidence faster than working individually.

The clients we have seen together have thoroughly enjoyed the balance of talking therapy complimented with deep relaxed therapy. Ultimately allowing the subconscious mind to do its wonderful ‘thing’.

Using hypnotherapy and life coaching aids clients with powerful tools for their personal development and transformation. Life coaching consciously works with the subconscious mind, understanding the client's hidden beliefs, memories, habit patterns, and behaviours. When these are brought to light, life coaches empower the clients to address and overcome them, thus allowing the client to be in control of their emotions and behaviours rather than the other way around. Put simply, life coaching works from the front of the mind to the back of the mind figuratively speaking.

On the other hand, hypnotherapy is working with the subconscious mind to improve the conscious mind, meaning working from the back of the mind to the front of the mind reframing subconscious beliefs, behaviour, and habit patterns empowering individuals to make lasting changes at a significant level, leading to improved confidence, motivation, and overall well-being.

This is where the magic begins, when used in conjunction, life coaching and hypnotherapy complement each other in powerful ways, enhancing the effectiveness of both modalities. By integrating conscious and subconscious approaches, clients can address their goals from multiple angles, accelerating their progress and deepening their insights.

One of the key benefits of combining life coaching and hypnotherapy is the ability to uncover and address subconscious barriers that may be hindering progress. While traditional coaching approaches focus on conscious goals and strategies, hypnotherapy addresses underlying beliefs and emotions that may be sabotaging efforts for change. By bringing these hidden factors to light, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their motivations, paving the way for greater alignment and success.

Moreover, the synergy between life coaching and hypnotherapy can amplify the effectiveness of goal-setting and visualisation techniques. Life coaches often encourage clients to set clear, actionable goals and visualise their success, leveraging the power of intention and imagination. When combined with hypnotherapy, these practices are enhanced, as individuals can access deeper levels of consciousness and imprint their desired outcomes more effectively on the subconscious mind.

Another area where the combination of life coaching and hypnotherapy excels is in overcoming limiting beliefs and fears. Many individuals suppress subconscious beliefs that undermine their confidence and hold them back from pursuing their dreams and goals. Through a combination of coaching and hypnotherapy, these beliefs can be identified, challenged, and reframed with more empowering alternatives, unlocking new levels of potential and self-belief.

Furthermore, the holistic approach of combining life coaching and hypnotherapy ensures that individuals are supported on both conscious and subconscious levels throughout their journey of personal growth. While coaching is typically a talking therapy allowing accountability, guidance, and practical strategies for achieving goals, hypnotherapy offers deep inner healing and transformation, addressing the root causes of any resistance or self-sabotage.

In conclusion, integrating life coaching and hypnotherapy offers a powerful pathway to personal growth, transformation, and empowerment. By harnessing the strengths of both modalities and addressing both conscious and subconscious levels of the mind, individuals can accelerate their progress, overcome obstacles, and achieve their desired goals with greater ease and effectiveness. Whether it's breaking through limiting beliefs, reframing habit patterns, building confidence, insomnia, menopause symptoms, reframing emotions, enhancing motivation, or unlocking untapped potential, the synergy between life coaching and hypnotherapy opens up new possibilities for growth and fulfilment.

“You can do what I cannot do, I can do what you cannot do. Together we can do great things!” Mother Teresa

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Solihull, B91
Written by Angela Cain, D.M.H, D.Hyp, CPNLP - Clinical Hypnotherapist
Solihull, B91

Angela Cain Clinical Hypnotherapist
D.M.H, D.Hyp, CPNLP,

I specialise in stress and anxiety, especially in teenagers and young adults. I use a unique combination of treatments and therapies including E.M.D.R, NLP, Meridian Tapping, and Hypnotherapy. I have a clinic in The Midlands and I am an Associate within a Harley Street practice.

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