Hypnotherapist heal thyself?

Is your weight-loss hypnotherapist overweight? Does he or she smoke? Does he or she seem calm and relaxed? Does he/she have any pain, arthritis or high blood pressure? Does your hypnotherapist meditate or use self-hypnosis?

A good therapist will be good at establishing rapid and solid rapport with clients. There will also be the right blend of understanding where the client is coming from and the steps that need to be taken to help the client overcome their problems.

Many of the hypnotherapists within the Hypnotherapy Directory will have come to hypnotherapy after discovering the power of their own subconscious mind to create their own personal dramatic change. Many of them will be able to tune in very closely to clients. 

What if your hypnotherapist doesn’t practice what they claim to help clients with on themselves, does it really matter? After all, some of the best sport coaches aren’t that good at the sport themselves. Yet when they look at a sports person’s performance they can very often spot the issues straight away and suggest changes and improvements.

However, a hypnotherapist connects with the person’s subconscious. If they really want to make the strongest connection, they will almost have an inside understanding of the issue from their own experience whilst at the same time being detached enough from the clients issue to be able to look at the bigger picture. To use the sports coach analogy - they need to be able to coach and be good at the sport as well.

When selecting a hypnotherapist, it is perfectly legitimate to ask them hard hitting questions about their ability and experience. As you are going to part with your hard earned money, then you should be sure and make your own evaluation that your therapist is professional. Just as there are good doctors and dentists there are great hypnotherapists and not so great hypnotherapists. Before you commit to the process you should have a good idea of what the therapist is offering and why you have chosen that particular therapist. You should read their reviews and ask hard hitting questions before committing to an appointment.

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Liverpool L17 & L3

Written by Jeff Cassapi

Liverpool L17 & L3

I am passionate about helping people achieve their own lasting change. I used to be shy and became confident. I didn't believe I would ever run my own business and now I am running a successful hypnotherapy practice. Your potential is limited by your limitless imagination.

I encourage all prospective clients to call me for a friendly chat.

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