Hypnosis for dogs

Do you own a dog that suffers with any of the following?

  • separation anxiety
  • nerves
  • fear of fireworks
  • loud noises
  • restlessness
  • fear of other dogs

Dogs like to feel secure and part of a pack and they need a leader and the leader should be you, the owner! Most dogs are relaxed and happy in their safe environment but others suffer from nerves and have fears just like us humans.

Did you know that hypnosis can work for your dog and help it to lead a happy and relaxed life? If this is your dog, then hypnosis might be the thing to help them feel relaxed and calm.


Before allowing anyone to hypnotise your dog ensure the hypnotherapist has the following credentials:

  • insurance to work with dogs
  • experience of working with animals
  • qualifications in animal behaviour
  • proven results that they can show

Allow your pet to meet the hypnotherapist and ensure that your dog feels safe and secure in their company. Dogs can be hypnotised the same way as humans and whilst a dog will not understand every word given, they will respond to the tone of the hypnotherapist's voice.

Always ensure you are given details of how you can continue to help your dog and that you are provided with recordings and literature on how to hypnotise your dog yourself.

Dogs like listening to calming music, so ensure your dog is left in a secure environment with soothing music if you have to go out and your dog is nervous or there are fireworks expected.

The hypnotherapist will help your dog to feel more relaxed and calm in the same way a human can after experiencing hypnosis.

Ensure that you seek help from someone with experience.

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All therapists are verified professionals