How hypnotherapy can help with fatigue conditions

There are many fatigue related conditions out there such as ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia. Although in number, there are almost as many causes as there are people suffering - a common thread is stress. This is by no means a suggestion that it's all in someones head. 

Stress comes in many different forms, it can be emotional as many people are able to recognise, but illness, injury, diet and hormones, as well as other contributing factors, can also be a stress on the body. 

Whatever form a person's stress may derive from, ultimately it manifests by physically putting a strain on the body. It activates a fight or flight response - adrenaline pumping around the body getting ready to fight, flight or freeze for survival. This is useful if you are a caveman but not so good if it happens every time you wake in the morning feeling even worse than when you went to sleep, wondering how on earth to get through another day of pain, exhaustion and brain fog.

In this response blood rushes into the arms and legs to provide the strength and speed needed to survive the threat. All of that blood comes from the core and the digestive system. Effectively digestion and healing is put on hold while the body deals with the situation. Historically an encounter with a predator would be over in about 30 seconds and the body would return to a relaxed state. 

These days threats, or perceived threats, come in a very different costume. But can be much more constant, particularly if there is a severe illness involved. The human body cannot tell the difference between a Sabre-toothed tiger standing in front of it and the thought of having to do something it does not want to do or is not capable of doing.

With ME/CFS and other such conditions a major barrier to recovery is the body getting stuck in the fight or flight response. 

Hypnotherapy can help the body relearn how to relax properly. It can undone any beliefs or behaviours that are not beneficial to you and ultimately it puts the body into an optimum healing state. 

The human body is amazing, when it is given the opportunity to heal - it does. 

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All therapists are verified professionals