How hypnotherapy can be short and sweet

One complaint that is commonly heard about hypnotherapy is that clients often spend many sessions in which they have their past investigated before they feel their actual presenting problem is addressed.  Typically, someone might try hypnotherapy because they want to control their diet and lose weight but find that the hypnotherapist devotes the initial sessions trying to delve into their history of eating and "why" they have a weakness for certain types of food.  

You could reasonably ask is it necessary to find out why someone likes chocolate, or cakes, or Chinese takeaways? It is a bit like asking why do you like sunshine, dancing, riding a horse or having a bath.  

Many people who could otherwise benefit from hypnotherapy are put off because they do not want to have their past investigated. They are worried by "what might come out." Naturally, there are some types of problem which do require a client's past to be revisited. Instances of trauma, physical abuse and most deep-seated emotional issues will require some degree of regression or "hypnoanalysis".  The relief clients obtain from identifying buried or suppressed feelings and experiences is all part of why hypnotherapy is so effective.

Hypnotherapy, however, need not resemble psychotherapy or counselling and even when regression is employed the client should be reassured that they remain in control of their disclosure and that nothing will be forced out of them without their co-operation. Even when past traumas or buried feelings are discovered, the client can abstract these things and just refer to them as "that black bag over there."  

Many of the issues people come with to seek help from hypnotherapists require no exploration of their past at all. Smoking, for example, is frequently dealt with in one major session. It really depends on the particulars, but a great deal of the background factors to a client's problems will come out in prior discussion rather than during trance.  

Hypnotherapy should apply positive conditioning to the subconscious even more than it deletes negative conditioning. Hypnotherapy can be full of light, it can be inspirational and life-changing.  Forward-looking, confident hypnotherapy can sway the subconscious so much that it overwhelms, or at least puts-into-proportion, problems from the past. Establishing an optimistic, hopeful outlook can be achieved from the first session. It demonstrates to the client that they have all the tools they will ever need to help themselves.  

Hopefully, most hypnotherapy clients will be surprised at what a pleasant, life-affirming experience it can all be and that it need not be too hard on the purse either.

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