How can hypnotherapy help with money blocks?

Many people feel that they aren’t achieving their full potential. What can be really frustrating is when we know that we are holding ourselves back and getting in our own way. We consciously want and desire success, but often we have deep-rooted beliefs at an unconscious level that cause us to feel blocked from moving forward.

These beliefs can cause fears that hold us back from really 'going for it' and shining in our career and life. These fears can include a fear of failure or a fear of success, and what others will think and feel if we achieve great things. Deep down there can also be feelings that we’re not worthy or deserving of a successful, happy life, and these limiting beliefs can stop us before we even begin! Negative beliefs about money and wealth can also cause us to unconsciously sabotage our own success.

How do these limiting beliefs form?

Limiting beliefs are normally created in our subconscious minds when we’re very young. We pick up and absorb these beliefs from our environment, our parents, and other people around us, when our subconscious minds are wide open. The analytical conscious mind, which filters and rationalises information, develops later in a child’s life (between the ages of five-eight), but up until this time, the subconscious is literally like a sponge, soaking up all information it comes into contact with.

This is why what you say to a young child is so important. Support, love, and encouragement can literally shape a child’s self-worth and character at such an early age, because everything the child sees, hears, feels and experiences is stored in the subconscious. Much of this mental content or 'programming' will remain, and can influence our decisions and actions throughout our life.

So how do we end up with negative beliefs about money?

If you experience issues with money, either not earning enough money or not keeping hold of it once you’ve got it, ask yourself what beliefs you picked up as a child. You could be running the same patterns you learnt early in life. Do you remember hearing any of the following statements being said about money?

  • “Wealthy people are selfish and greedy” 
  • “It’s wrong to want money” 
  • “Rich people are always alone and unhappy” 
  • “If you have money others will just take it, so what’s the point of making it” 
  • “If you earn good money most of it goes on taxes anyway” 
  • “Don’t ask me for money, do you think it grows on trees?” 
  • “Money is the root of all evil!”

Or, maybe you observed your parents or others around you when you were little and decided that you have to struggle to make money, or there’s never enough, or you have to work so hard even to just to pay the bills.

You can change your beliefs!

In hypnotherapy and rapid transformational therapy, we communicate directly with the subconscious mind, and we can identify a block that is holding us back and find out when and why it started. This understanding is incredibly liberating and healing, because we realise that the belief is no longer valid, and it was most probably someone else’s belief anyway and not ours to begin with! This knowledge allows us to let go of the belief, and we are free to choose a positive alternative that supports us.  

When we change our beliefs, we change our thoughts. When we change our thoughts, we change our actions and behaviours. By changing our actions, we change the results we get in our lives!

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