Emotional eating to normal eating

Emotional eating is not only a common issue among women, but nowadays among men too. Emotional eating can occur with people of all shapes and sizes.

Eating has become a little confusing for people. Not only are we bombarded daily with what the media thinks we 'should' look like but we are also being subtly brainwashed that we are not 'good enough' as we are, and instead need to buy someone's product in order to 'look' and feel better. Our culture and society is breeding a generation of taking thousands of selfies and in turn, low self-esteem.

Low self-esteem often leads to negative body image and in turn, emotional eating. It's a negative cycle that continues and can be passed down from generation to generation but there is another way.

Normal eating is not defined by what or how you we eat but by how we think and feel about ourselves. Using the term ‘emotional eater’ suggests one uses food for reasons other than hunger - often to ‘cope’. The problem is a lot of the time we are unconsciously doing it  - we don't realise until we have finished the whole bag of chips - and we don’t know why.

In hypnotherapy, using the subconscious to guide the client into the 'why' is a great basis to start the healing process. Often childhood memories bring forward some fascinating information as to why an adult continues a certain pattern of behaviour with food.  Once we have found the root cause we get to change and heal the behaviour.

Hypnotherapy is a fascinating way of unlocking deep-rooted beliefs held that are limiting and outdated. Unlocking these beliefs frees a client's thinking and changes attitudes and in turn, behaviours. It's a beautiful process to be part of someone's change - seeing a client go from an unconscious, unhappy, emotional eater to a person taking care of themselves, listening to their body and in turn, loosing weight.

Locking down the methods of hypnosis with emotional eating coaching can help seal the change and finalise the process.

Changing emotional eating into normal eating within a matter of weeks can be a life changing experience, and you're worth it.

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Written by Jacqueline Hurst NLP GHR MDA HYP DIP

Jacqueline Hurst is the UKs leading specialist in Advanced Structured Hypnotherapy.  She also works as a Life Coach and Master NLP Practitioner and is a well known expert in her field. With many tools in her box she uses a unique, specialised and highly sophisticated technique to help clients drop their negative thoughts and behaviours to get past their own limitations once and for all. … Read more

Written by Jacqueline Hurst NLP GHR MDA HYP DIP

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