Tania Clarke, Hypnotherapist, Trainer, Coach DHyp Adv, MIAEBP

Tania Clarke, Hypnotherapist, Trainer, Coach DHyp Adv, MIAEBP

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B Spa
177 The Parade
High Street
WD17 1NJ

07717 410 910 / 07717 410 910

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B Spa
177 The Parade
High Street
WD17 1NJ

07717 410 910 / 07717 410 910

About me

Hi, I'm Tania,

Helping adults and children to overcome their problems, stresses and misery is very rewarding.

James overcame confusion and learned to be happy with me. He said: "I had a really rewarding experience in each session, enjoyed having my thinking challenged."

Lucy overcame blushing. She said: "I really enjoyed the sessions. I was slightly apprehensive at first but once I got into it & reading I loved the sessions! I didn’t want them to finish. I enjoyed thinking in different ways. Tania was amazing at teaching you to think differently and also Tania would listen to my rants & then challenge them!"

Clive overcame his social anxiety and low self esteem. He said: "I enjoyed the sessions and found them enlightening. I enjoyed the light-hearted informality and open-mindedness Tania brought to the sessions.
I feel more able to analyse negative thinking patterns and live life more positively. I have started big career changes and am going out into the world more."

Lorraine and Richie learned how to help their children overcome problems. All of their children benefitted from their new behaviour. Lorraine said: "Really not enough words to say how the sessions changed my life. Life is now easy, stress free and positive most of the time. Happy. Thinking straight."
Her hubby Richie said: "I have felt like my whole body has had a weight lifted off it and things now that bothered me seem easy to evaluate and control. I now find it easy to like and appreciate myself which in turn makes it easy to appreciate life and things around me."

I help people deal with personal, family and professional problems like unhealthy relationships, food issues and fears. I help them to build solid, happy, healthy, successful mindsets to recover from low self esteem or social anxiety.

My stop smoking programme combines therapies to deliver a 92% success rate.

I help you:

  • get your subconscious mind in line with your conscious desires
  • dissolve emotional barriers and
  • understand how your mind works so you can get it working the way you want it to and achieve the changes you want easily and gently.

During sessions with me, we’ll understand where you are, where you want to go and how you can get there. We’ll look at it together and find a way (or make a way) for you to get the results you need.

See more testimonials on my website: http://www.taniaclarke.co.uk/testimonials/
Call for a free initial consultation: 07717 410 910

Training, qualifications & experience

Now a full time professional hypnotherapist and Thrive Consultant I have 25 years' experience in helping people to overcome problems at work and in their personal lives.

I became interested in human behaviour at school and I took this interest into work. I learnt how people react, how to help people learn and how to teach. I led major change in businesses, helping staff to change so it was easier for them to create better outcomes for patients, clients and customers.

Working for the NHS, and national regulators, I led teams and created partnerships to improve patient safety and dignity.

Into 25 years of experience, skill and study, I’ve added psychology, hypnotherapy and limiting beliefs qualifications from the IAEBP (the International Association of Evidence Based Practitioners) and other respected training providers. I'm a Licenced Thrive Consultant.

Member organisations


Areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

* If you have been diagnosed or suspect you may have one of the medical conditions starred above, you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies or treatments.

Other areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

I work with people who want to come to terms with or overcome a traumatic experience or traumatic diagnosis. I help people overcome childhood trauma/abuse using a very gentle approach. My Cancer programme is a personal plan for you and your loved ones to help you generate a constructive response to a traumatic diagnosis and get the result you want.

Everyone’s response to experiences and bad news is highly individual. If we think of the reactions on a scale, at one end we may have: "I'm going to fight this all the way", somewhere in there may be: "I'm going to enjoy every minute I have left", and somewhere there'll be “I can’t deal with this at all. I want to curl up and hide.” Or even: “why me?”.

I help you figure out what you want and how to get it, I help you share those choices with loved ones and work out how to achieve what you want collectively in this difficult situation.

Photos & videos

  • My office in Watford


I offer a free initial consultation: come along & chat, tell me a little about yourself, and ask any questions you may have. I'll explain what I do so you can make an informed choice.

I charge £80 per hour and sessions last between one and four hours depending on the therapy or training chosen.

Stop smoking sessions are £225 for one 90 minute session or £395 if you think you'll need a course of 3 hour long sessions.

My main comfy hypnotherapy clinic is very accessible at the top end of Watford High Street. You’ll find me just round the corner from the Post Office and Bodega wine bar, next to LP Cafe. Parking is easy in town (closest are: Sainsbury’s car park on Albert Rd South is free for 2 hours and the Council car park at The Avenue, Hempstead Road, Watford WD17 4AJ is 60p an hour). Other transport links are great too. Just 5 minutes walk from Watford Junction train (mainline from Euston and London Overground) and bus stations. Easy access to the M1, A41 and M25.

I can sometimes often offer easy payment terms.

I have in the past offered the Thrive Programme training to some people free of charge. This arrangement was made with Watford Job Centre Plus. However, they can no longer work with small independent businesses who are not on their preferred supplier list. The Advisors’ reference number for this opportunity was WTF/33768.

Call for a free initial consultation: 07717 410 910

Further information

Blowaway™ for children and Thrive Programme for children and teenagers

Blowaway is a gentle therapy to teach children to overcome fears, habits and unwanted behaviours in 60 to 90 minutes. Why wait until they are adults to get rid of emotional barriers... this is a great therapy to free children enabling them to flourish and grow.

Life these days can be stressful for children and young people. Perhaps they have difficulty balancing all of the pressures they face: to get into school, achieve grades, be popular and do all the "right" activities. Maybe a situation in the past, that the child just didn't know how to handle, creates that conflict. Sometimes we react by creating habits, behaviours, emotional problems. We don't need to know or discuss the root cause during either Blowaway or Thrive ... Without discussing it, we can change or overcome those habits, behaviours and emotional problems.

Give me a call to see if either the Blowaway therapy or Thrive Programme would be helpful for the young person you care for. We'll discuss the best option and plan the next steps. I'll also signpost you to any other options which may be helpful.

Watford, WD17 1NJ

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Monday 11am – 8pm. Tuesday 10am – 5pm. Wednesday Closed. Thursday 11am – 8pm. Friday 10am – 8pm. Saturday 1pm – 4pm.

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