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Mandy Jackson Dip.Cl.Hyp. NLP Practitioner

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About me

If you don't like something change it - if you can't change the situation then change the way you think about... this is where I come in.

My name is Mandy and I am a fully qualified Master Practitioner of NLP & Clinical Hypnotherapist with a particular interest in getting rid of negative emotions, limiting beliefs and decisions, reducing anxiety, stress, fears, nerves and therefore assisting my clients to achieve what they want from life.

NLP is Neuro Linguistic Programming. Neuro (our thoughts) Linguistic (what we communicate to ourselves) and Programming (telling ourselves how to behave). In a nutshell we do what we do as a direct result of what we think and if that’s in any way negative your doubt and disbeliefs are seriously holding you back. You create your thoughts - your thoughts create your intentions - your intentions create your reality.

I offer a free consultation prior to professional, confidential therapy services. Using a mixture of amazing techniques, I can show you how to utilise all the resources you already have within but have lost touch with and help you to make permanent positive changes to maximise your potential.

Please contact me by telephone or email as above, for an informal chat about how my therapies can help you find permanent, positive resolution to many issues.


Marc Ford, Worcester - I have worked with Mandy on several occasions and to be perfectly honest I kind of walked in a blithering mess but I tell you what... absolutely outstanding! The way I walked out.. my shoulders were back.. smiling... and the following day was the first day in over 6 months that I had not woken up with any stress or any anxiety. I actually thought there was something wrong with me because I wasn't feeling that way. Tell you what Mandy is complete miracle worker. Try her out have a session with her, see what you think. I guar-damn-tee you are not going to be disappointed.

Megan Curtis, London - Because of the distance I was travelling just to see Mandy I did my course of therapy is one marathon session. I was struggling with anxiety and panic attacks thanks to a particular trigger. Hypnotherapy was just a miracle and I've been using the I was shown since.   I was due to leave for a well deserved holiday and a day or two prior to departure I was faced with yet another stunt. Although anxiety has never kicked in since seeing Mandy, which is amazing in itself, it would be fair to say this new situation I was having to deal with put me in a not so good place which could have had the potential to affect my holiday. Mandy was amazing as she noticed this and was kind enough to have an emergency session over the phone. I instantly noticed a massive difference... I have been recommending her to everyone and have a couple of people willing to travel the same distance I did to see her - it is more than worth it!! I am ready to take on anything, finally making decisions which seemed impossible. I haven't felt this good in such a long time and a renewed Megan finally has her bounce back which has been hiding for a while - I've returned even better, even stronger, much more determined and my god, I am ready to take on anything thrown at me...Bring it on!!!.. Thanks Mandy

Anonymous, Up North!!! - I was in a very dark place, I had no sunshine and felt like my life was in a deep dark pit. I am a work in progress but can feel a major difference after my sessions. I am taking an interest in my own life, doing things I had put on hold for years as I just had no interest. People around me can see a huge change in me. I can see a future - Im starting to see and feel the warmth of the sunshine.... Cheers!

TS, Derby - I told Mandy before I sat down "if you can cure my fear of flying it'll be a miracle!" My morbid fear nearly got me thrown off the plane on one occasion. Even in the imagination test she did, I just could NOT put my foot on the first step!!! After only one session we did the test again... first step?! I was already on the damn plane, sitting in my seat eagerly awaiting take off! The actual flight went like a dream. I was able to relax the whole journey and enjoy the flight meaning I arrived As soon as we landed I checked in on Facebook and announced my success!

MB, Derby - Can this work? I was ready to try anything. I had nothing to lose except my anxiety ....and blow me... I did!!

Training, qualifications & experience

  • Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching
  • Smoking Cessation Therapist
  • Master Practitioner of NLP, TLT, Coaching & Hypnotherapy
  • NLP Master Coach
  • Master Practitioner of Timeline Therapy
  • Fully Insured

Other areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

- Low Mood
- Organisation
- Procrastination
- Fears & Phobias including:
- Flying
- Heights
- Darkness
- Death
- Growing old
- Spiders
- Birds
- Vomiting


  • Singular Sessions £65 /hr
  • Discounted to £50 / session when booked and paid for as part of a course (3+ sessions minimum) depending on therapy required. Any follow up sessions will be continued at the discount rate

Further information

Have you been put off by the ridiculous suggestions in the old horror films and television programmes that portray hypnosis as a frightening instrument of mind control where unscrupulous villains enslave the will of helpless victims? Or seen stage shows where a hypnotist seems to be able to use their “hypnotic powers” to make people do and say things that they would never do or say under normal conditions. If so, it is not surprising that hypnosis may seem just a little bit frightening, or like a mystical and unexplainable phenomena. This is unfortunate because hypnosis is, in fact, a serious therapeutic tool that can help people overcome many psychological, emotional and even some physical problems.

Hypnosis is not:

  • Mind control - Brain-washing - Deep Sleep - Unconsciousness - A peculiar altered or mystical state

When in hypnosis a person is:

  • Aware - In control - Able to come out of hypnosis when s/he wishes to

The state of hypnosis can best be described as a state of relaxed yet highly focused attention with heightened suggestibility. Whilst the word hypnosis comes from the Greek word “hypnos” which means sleep, is an abbreviation of the term neuro-hypnotism which means sleep of the nervous system, therefore hypnosis is not a complete sleep state. Under hypnosis a person is semi-awake, rather like nodding off in front of the TV, they are still aware of what is said and done.

Sometimes people may feel a little spaced out or drowsy after they come out of the hypnosis, similar to awaking from an afternoon nap, it is harmless and passes after a few moments. As your hypnotherapist I will ensure you are fully alert and refreshed following your session. However, do not drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake.

How Can Hypnosis Help To Achieve My Goals?

Hypnosis is often used to modify behaviour, emotions and attitudes. For instance, many people use Hypnosis to help deal with the problems of everyday living. Hypnosis can boost confidence and even help people develop new skills.

A great stress and anxiety reliever, it can also be used to help overcome habits such as smoking, binge drinking and overeating.

Sports men and women can enhance their athletic performance with Hypnosis  and people suffering from physical pain or stress-related illnesses also find it helpful (Hypnosis should only be used in this way after a medical diagnosis has been made and under the guidance of a doctor or qualified therapist).

Barriers to success in Hypnosis

Have you ever experienced the frustration of having a name on the tip of your tongue? The harder you try to remember the name, the harder it is to recall. Then when you relax the name comes back to you. Sometimes, when we try too hard, we block ourselves from achieving our goals. The attitude you take towards  Don’t try too hard or set unrealistic goals. Relax and take your time. Accept the pace at which you achieve results, however small they may at first seem. Believe in yourself and you will go on to achieve the success you desire.

It should be appreciated that whilst the process of hypnosis can have a very powerful thought changing effect to make a difference and change any habitual behaviours like smoking, drinking and overeating, it is NOT a magic wand. 'In order to gain ... you have to maintain' the positive suggestions agreed and use any 'anchors' or processes placed to help you overcome the triggers. Your body and mind may need time to adjust ... To go straight out and deliberately expose yourself to a negative element you are likely to suffer a knock back in your achievements. Like a session with a fitness instructor or nutritionist if you don’t apply the advice learned, the results will fade.

It is imperative your therapist is made aware of all situations where you are likely to succumb to temptation so this can be incorporated into your individual treatment plan.

Imagery In Hypnosis

While repeating your hypnotic suggestions, visualise the situation, the action and the feeling that you desire. As well as picturing a desired outcome, you can utilise your sense of touch, hearing and even smell. You can create new images as well as using images from your memories and experiences. People sometimes believe they have to see a crystal clear image of their goal, as though watching a movie. However, a positive attitude and a belief that you are “in the role” is more important than clear imagery. The following exercise will illustrate how effective suggestion and imagery can be. Do not use it if you have an aversion to lemons.

The lemon example

Sit down in a comfortable chair and close your eyes
Picture an ordinary lemon
Imagine yourself cutting the lemon in half
Observe the juices running down each piece of the lemon
Pick up a piece of the lemon. Bring it up to your mouth and bite into it
Even if your image of the lemon wasn’t clear, you might have grimaced or even found your mouth watering

Main Points

Properly used, NLP & Hypnosis are powerful and effective tools that can help people overcome many psychological, emotional and even some physical problems. It is not mind-control, brain-washing, sleep, unconsciousness or a peculiar, altered or mystical state. When in hypnosis a person is aware, in control and can come out of hypnosis when s/he wishes to. It is a natural and harmless state and can modify behaviour, emotions and attitudes. It can be used to increase confidence and develop new skills. It can help to reduce stress and anxiety, and can even help people overcome habits such as smoking and overeating. It is also used by sportspeople to enhance their athletic performance. If you are experiencing any medical or psychological problems, however, it is essential to seek the advice of a doctor or competent therapist before using self-hypnosis.

Remember, failing to achieve a goal does not mean you are a failure. It may be that you need to approach the goal in a different way or perhaps you need to be persistent. Relax and take your time. Accept the pace at which you achieve results, however small they may seem at first. Believe in yourself and you will go on to achieve the success you desire.

Will it work for ME?

Hypnosis is basically guided imagery / meditation and that’s exactly what I do as I speak to you and guide you to change behaviours to be healthier and happier.

The power of hypnosis is in what you imagine… I'm only a guide - I can say the right words but it's up to you whether you follow my instructions. Imagination is the language of the subconscious   We can do anything we wish in our imaginations ... The subconscious responds to what is imagined as if it is real... But what it believes has to be accurate, up to date and helpful

Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge.   When we use our imagination we do more than we ever understand… all of our beliefs may not be facts at all or even close to what the facts would be but we can imagine something and create a belief, like the age old belief that the earth was flat.

I would like you to use your imagination and notice how you will be able to use your senses; hear smell feel taste & see… you will see you are even able to use your senses even in your imagination.

Try this little exercise to discover the power of your imagination. Read it through first to familiarise yourself with it then simply relax, close your eyelids, take a deep breath and play it through your mind again…

I would like you imagine yourself in your kitchen at home... go to the fridge and get a lemon out.... hear the sound of the fridge door opening, feel the cold air of the fridge as you reach in …. feel the texture of the lemon skin, notice how cold it is.. imagine the carving board or plate you will use and the knife…pick the knife up and hold it in your hand…. now slice the lemon in half….. immediately there is a burst from the zest and a fresh tangy lemony fragrance enters your nostrils... smell the freshness, the fragrance…what does it remind you of? …… slice the halves once again into quarters….. now pick up one of those quarters…. feel the lemon juice dripping through your fingers……only if you want to, put the lemon against your lips …. imagine what the taste would be like….the sharpness of all those juices….. now take a deep breath and when you’re ready open your eyes.

Now if you were able to imagine any of that, whether you saw what it was like, felt the knife, tasted the lemon juices, smelled the fragrance or heard the sounds, if you were able to follow any of the suggestions, you were able to let me guide your imagination …if you were following me and got any response whatsoever than this process can work for you.. The only ways you would not have any response at all is if you didn’t allow yourself to just listen and go along with what I was saying or simply doubt and not let yourself even be a part of the exercise. Its simply a question of sitting comfortably and relaxing, letting your imagination do the work. It’s a bit more involved with the sessions where its even more conducive to relax your mind and body in order to open your mind to your imagination even more to be able to create the changes you desire in order to be healthier and happier. Now you know how simple the process is…. get ready to realise what the great man shared with us all…IMAGINATION IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN KNOWLEDGE.

Barriers to success with Hypnosis

If you have ever found yourself wanting desperately to make a change in your life and move forward with your goals but can't .... no matter how hard you try and you just don't understand why… You COULD be 'self sabotaging' your efforts. This destructive force is done completely subconsciously and you are most likely unaware of it. Any doubt, fear or uncertainty, however slight, in your mind will find a way of making sure what you are trying to achieve doesn't happen.

Fortunately we CAN overcome self sabotage and the first step is to recognise it is happening. Developing a conscious awareness of our thoughts, emotions and actions then accessing your subconscious mind to discover what is worrying it and agree some changes with it .... and this is where hypnotherapy comes in.....…

Remember it is YOUR power not mine…. just like I cannot make you do or reveal anything against your will - I cannot MAKE you change. Your unconscious would flatly refuse to do anything it didn’t want to do, say anything it didn’t want to say and you can bring yourself out of hypnosis at anytime you want.

MY purpose is to help you IMAGINE success and give you the opportunity to discover the power of your imagination. You are what you IMAGINE you are, therefore you can be what you WANT to be. YOU have to want it - there is no magic. It’s purpose is to help you store, restore and explore your unconscious mind more easily and remember things you can't remember consciously.   Remember, like a session with a Personal Trainer, Nutritionist or Slimming Advisor... if you do not keep with what you learned from your sessions; be they Fitness, nutrition, NLP or Hypnotherapy, your goal is not guaranteed.

Looking at the power of the imagination…. If I was to ask a smoker to imagine having more energy and more money as a result of not smoking and they imagines puffing away on a cigarette…what is the unconscious mind going to buy??? The occasional backsliding occurs after imagining doing the habit again… those who succeed reinforce the effect by regularly imagining their successes… in order to GAIN benefit …you must maintain what you discovered in Hypnosis… THE MAGIC IS IN YOU!!

Post-Hypnotic Suggestions

Here are some post-hypnotic suggestions you can use in between sessions. Feel free to alter them to fit your particular needs.

  • Each and every day I am calm, secure and relaxed.
  • I am becoming more assertive and confident when I speak to colleagues.
  • Each and every day I accept myself as I am.
  • Each and every time I enter hypnosis I relax more deeply.
  • I find it easy to stop smoking.
  • I eat three healthy meals a day.

As previously mentioned, hypnosis is a state of heightened suggestibility. Positive suggestions when in hypnosis will enable an action or other response to take place after the hypnotic experience has occurred. These forms of suggestion are called post-hypnotic suggestions and will help you to achieve your goals. Over the years, hypnotherapists have developed rules of suggestion. These are guidelines that will enable you to achieve maximum success with the suggestions you repeat to yourself. What follows is a summary of these rules.

1. Say it as if you mean it.

Have you ever seen an actor mumbling his lines on stage, speaking in a quiet meek voice? The result is a performance that’s not very convincing. Unlike acting, hypnotic suggestions are repeated silently. However, you need to repeat the suggestions as though you mean what you say. Be reassuring, positive and confident.

2. Suggestions need to be phrased positively and in the present tense.

We are more likely to react in a favourable manner to a positively worded suggestion than a negative one. Which request would you rather hear: “Do not leave that lying on the floor” or “Would you mind picking that up?” Suggestions are far more effective when you mention what you wish to move towards, rather than what you are moving away from. For example: “I am calm” is better than “I am not anxious”. ?“I stop smoking with ease” is better than “I will try to stop smoking” as the word try implies difficulty and possible struggle and suggestions are best phrased in the present tense, as though they are happening at this moment in time. So, “I am relaxed on the aircraft” is better than “I will be relaxed when I am on the aircraft”. Or, “I am becoming more confident” is better than “I will try to be confident”.

3. Suggestions must be specific and realistic.

Your suggestions are going to be more effective if they are specific and realistic. If you wish to improve your swimming performance, it would be unrealistic to give yourself the suggestion “I am a world-class swimmer”, unless of course you are, or are about to become, a world champion. Instead, ask yourself what specifically it is about your swimming that you wish to improve. So if you wished to improve your breaststroke, you would give yourself a realistic suggestion tailored to that specific aspect of your swimming. Structure your suggestions on changes you wish to see in yourself rather than things that are out of your control, such as external events and other people. Do not give yourself suggestions for two or three issues all at the same time. For instance, the suggestion “I am confident that I can lose weight and stop smoking” is probably not effective. Instead, work on one goal at a time, repeating suggestions associated with that goal. When you see some results, move on to your next goal.

4. Repetition of suggestions

Advertisers know the value of repetitive suggestion, which is why they repeat television and radio commercials on a regular basis. One of the most important rules when maintaining the effect of your hypnosis session is repetition of your suggestions. That way you drive the point home and are far more likely to effect positive change.

Derby, DE73 6UW

Practical details

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Other languages: None


Wheelchair access: Unspecified


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