Two day tapping practitioner training in Kent

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'For many years I have integrated tapping into my work as a counsellor and hypnotherapist and I use it with most of my clients. What I like best about tapping is that it is quick, effective and it gives clients an easy tool that helps them to quickly self manage issues like anxiety, stress and trauma which has a positive empowering effect on them. It works so well alongside hypnotherapy and is also great to use before and as a preparation for trance work.' Marcia Tillman (Tapping trainer)

Thought field therapy:

  • Is an amazingly powerful tool to add to your Hypnotherapy toolbox, in that individuals receive nearly immediate relief from their suffering.
  • It has no adverse side effects.
  • Does not require the individual to talk about their problem, something that often causes considerable distress or embarrassment and which discourages many from seeking treatment in the first place.
  • Is extremely efficient treatment - times of 10 minutes or less is not uncommon.
  • Can be used hand in hand and enhance other therapies and treatments.
  • Gives individuals a fantastic tool for life’s problems – a simple way to gain empowerment.
  • Can be used on all ages from babies to mature individuals.
  • Individuals don’t have to believe in it for TFT to be successful.
  • Using TFT algorithms alone gives a success rate of around 80%. 

Your training fee is £325 and the two day accredited training fee includes: 

  • TFT algorithm tuition.
  • TFT algorithm training manual.
  • Lots of resource files to get you started using TFT with your clients straight away.
  • 'Stop the Nightmares of Trauma' ebook by Dr Roger Callahan.
  • Light refreshments over the two days.
  • Eligibility to join ACEP - The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology.

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Your course is run by Marcia Tillman who is an approved TFT algorithm trainer and trained under the supervision of Dr Roger Callahan the creator of TFT. TFT is the original EFT (emotional freedom technique).

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Hosted by Marcia Eden-Tillman

Marcia Tillman is a hypnotherapist, counsellor, supervisor and trainer, who runs her own training company for therapists offering training in tapping and hypnotherapy as well as other CPD events.

Hosted by Marcia Eden-Tillman