The self-alignment circle

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The Prana Space, 1 Windmill Lane, London, Greater London, E15 1PG

Self-alignment circle

Join us for a transformative evening of self-discovery and growth at our self-alignment Circle event. This is an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and explore what it means to align with your true self.

The event will take place every other Thursday at 7.30pm at The Prana Space, Stratford. Come prepared to engage in meaningful discussions, guided meditations, and other activities designed to help you tap into your inner wisdom.

"Your authentic purpose lies within the essence of what you truly cherish and value, especially during your younger years. Aligning with your values unlocks your personal power. Your true values are hidden under layers of beliefs, patterns, and programming placed on you. Your beliefs and the stories you tell yourself may not truly belong to you. Unlock the power of manifestation by aligning your actions, mindset, and attitude with your core values. As you embrace your true self, the limiting beliefs and false narratives that don't resonate with you will naturally fade away. In their place, the beliefs, patterns, and stories that align with your authentic self will become clearer" - Ayesha Giselle - Host

Whether you're looking to deepen your spiritual practice, gain clarity on your life's purpose, or simply connect with others on a similar path, the self-alignment circle is the perfect place to start. We can't wait to see you there!

P.S. bring your journal!

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Hosted by Ayesha Giselle Dornelly

Ayesha Giselle Dornelly Clinical Solution focused Hypnotherapist & Pyschotherapist and Expert Life Coach . Ayesha helps individuals build their confidence and self-resilience to rise above the pressures and stresses of their hectic days, help free you from troubling emotions, anxiety, shame all whilst supporting you to fulfil your potential.

Hosted by Ayesha Giselle Dornelly