Mindfulness in therapy

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Hypnotherapists and trainees

Mindfulness is an effective and simple technique which can be utilised by therapists of all kinds, and is growing in popularity with clients. 

This accredited, level two, home-study course will show you all about what it is, how to use it and how to integrate it into your therapy practice.

Suitable as CPD for therapists of all kinds.

Find out more, see our feedback and sign up at https://www.cpd.expert/online-distance/mindfulness-in-therapy

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Hosted by Yorkshire Hypnotherapy Training

Debbie Waller is a respected and experienced trainer, and therapist: author of 'Their Worlds, Your Words', co-author of 'The Hypnotherapy Handbook' and founder/head tutor at Yorkshire Hypnotherapy Training.

Hosted by Yorkshire Hypnotherapy Training